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the Sicilian kite dream the brazil of europe A kitesurfing destination in Europe that really has it all! Delicious food, nice people and a world-class kite spot with... WIND! In short: The Sicilian kitesurfing dream. Travel with us to Marsala this summer: a unique kite camp and one of our favorite destinations!

early bird discount
€ 599 book before March 1, 2024
7-12 kiters / week fit: couples, solo, family, single
Everybody books the return flight from Dusseldorf with Ryanair to Trapani (You can also go from Amsterdam to Palermo)
a level
For all levels! From complete beginner to advanced. TIP: Dream location to learn kitesurfing!
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July 19 to August 30. Arrival and departure day: Friday
weather & wind
70% wind & average 30C
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In 1972, the Urraco, which had experienced several initial slowdowns, was finally put into production

flat water paradise for every level

Marsala, a great spot on the island of Sicily with high wind certainty. The wonderful weather makes this a popular destination among water sports enthusiasts. The kite spot is located all the way in the west and is a huge flat water lagoon! Do you also like waves? Fortunately, there are also various wave spots and other top destinations nearby!


Get to know the mistral and sirocco

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is the southernmost part of Italy. Thanks to its location, the weather is warm and the kitesurfing season is very long in La Stagnone, Marsala.
The temperature in spring and autumn is around 20 degrees Celsius, which is why the season starts in March and runs until November. These conditions are quite similar to Tarifa, the largest kitesurfing destination in the world. However, Sicily has a big advantage: it is not yet that crowded, so even beginners can feel safe while practicing. Lo Stagnone offers a unique kite spot with flat, shallow water and thermal wind. These are the ingredients of the


Kitesurfing in La Stagnone is as easy as possible for beginners and also for advanced skiers. Imagine being able to practice your tricks or ride upwind without worrying about your board. If you lose it, you can get up, walk back and grab it. If your level is average and you can’t yet stay upwind, you can easily walk uphill every time you feel like you’re getting too far from where you started. This way you can practice a lot more without wasting time walking on the beach.


Despite the fact that Sicily has been a popular destination among tourists for years, the prices are fortunately still not too bad!

  • Beer €1,50
  • Pizza €7
  • Dinner between €10 -25
  • Lunch around €10

Kitesurfing lessons – clinics – coaching – supervision – rental on location by our own team…

Level 1 – beginner

This is the perfect package if you have never kited before or if it has been far too long. Kitesurfing is not a sport that you can just learn in an afternoon. That’s why our trips are perfect! You are at a perfect destination for a week with people who also want to learn and perfect conditions. Count your winnings 🙂

Level 2 – Water start

This is the perfect package if you have already had a kite course, but it has been a while and you need to be refreshed. Or you are not yet completely familiar and need an extra eye on things. In this course it is important that you have mastered the basics and are practicing with the water start.

Level 3 – Independent

If you are on the water with several people of the same level, you always make more progress. You learn from each other and push yourself to learn new things! In this course you will be pushed and coached as much as possible to learn new tricks. With us you will spend a week in a perfect destination with people who also want to make progress. Count your winnings 🙂

The latest kite material

With us you can find the latest kite material. We have most brands available and we ensure that you are always on the water with the right size kite. Don’t feel like carrying all your materials with you? No problem!

Feel at home in the floating kite hotel
In our kite camp in Sicily you can choose from different rooms. You can choose from a room with a beautiful view of the large garden. But also with a sea view! The hotel has a beautiful large swimming pool
sleep well
Share your room with max. 3 other kiters! We try not to mix male/female. Standard option!
Private room for single use. If you want more privacy it will cost you €25/night extra
Private double room for couples with an ensuite bathroom. Additional charge of €20/night
service is our middle name A beautiful hotel with a number of lovely apartments including a lovely swimming pool. Welcome to our kitehouse! Here you will stay with the other kiters and go to the beautiful big water of Italy every day. It is fully equipped: WIFI / AC swimming pool with launch area restaurant / Beautiful surroundings / mini fridge
The golden hour with ice-cold drinks and fun with plenty of lounge areas where you can retreat.
A+ location on the beach. Free storage and your kite will be neatly cleaned up every day by our kite boys!
The location is perfect, in the center of everything you will find the bustling KiteActive guesthouse
Food and Drink

the Italian kitchen

You start the day well with a hearty and healthy breakfast in our kite villa. In the afternoon or evening you can have lunch and dinner in the many delicious restaurants together with the group.

How to get here
marsala – birgi
You fly with Ryanair from Dusseldorf (weeze) to Trapani. From here it is still approx. 10 minutes drive to the hotel!

KiteActive Reisbureau
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Willem SchinkelshoekWillem Schinkelshoek
22:24 24 Jan 24
We have now been with Kite Active 9 times: Brazil, Greece, Sardinia, Sicily and Dakhla Morocco. Excellent kite spots, nice mix of enthusiastic kiters of various ages. Ideal for the novice & more experienced kiter with always great guidance. 🤟Recommended 👍
Cobie HarkemaCobie Harkema
12:09 02 Jan 24
Had a great time in brasiel good organised super nice guids.see you next time.
ilse de vriesilse de vries
10:26 11 Dec 23
Great travel experiences with Kiteactive!Learn big tricks in Tarifa, sail and kite during the Wadden weekend and downwind twice in Brazil!Always enthusiastic and relaxed travel guidance! Meeting nice new people with the same enthusiasm for kiting, great parties and nice places to stay. Highly recommended!
Ann DSAnn DS
18:15 07 Dec 23
Our first trip with KiteActive was an immediate success. Well organized and an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Roderick and team!Ann, Pé and kids
Rich AmosRich Amos
19:59 26 Feb 23
Just got back from a week in Tarifa with the KiteActive gang - what a brilliant week, we had wind pretty much every day, stayed in the excellent Wild House hostel, lovely group of humans ("my beautifuuul people!" as Henny would say) and Hilke and Cher were amazing group hosts!
Jan Willem MarkvoortJan Willem Markvoort
13:09 08 Oct 22
I joined KiteActive on the TV TAS 2022 downwinder. For me it was a long lasting dream to kite along the wadden islands and the trip really was a mindblowing experience. Now a week later, I still feel stoked!KiteActive managed to organise the trip in a safe way by having a large team of pro-kiters on the water who were able to perform rescues in case of any emergency, a RIB with an experienced crew who looked after us during the crossings and safeTRX watches which could be used to alert the coast guard.The downwinder lasted only 2 days, but it felt like a complete holiday. Kiting in between groups of hunderds of seals, while having a full rainbow on the background in the direction we were sailing, just sketching one of the pictures in my mind which will never fade away. Flat water spots, nice waves to play in, 4m swell during crossings, a nice combination of all sort of conditions. A trip of a lifetime.A big thanks for the KiteActive team, looking forward to the 2023 edition!
Wim GertenaarWim Gertenaar
17:44 04 Oct 22
In 21 years of kiting this was by far my best Kite Experience ever. Riding out the TVTAS-downwinder was a huge challenge which I was Able to complete thanks to the Kiteactive team. Always making sure of our safety in very challenging conditions. 4m High Waves and very Strong currents were but of a few conditionaliteit to mention. But Above all their carefull planning and Knowledge of the North Sea and currents made for a safe yet exhilarating kiteadventure. A true challenge for kiteboard-experts only.Thanx Kiteactive-team. I had an awesome time.
14:05 03 Oct 22
Last weekend I did with Kite active the most ultimate downwinder of the Netherlands, which is TV TAS. With this downwinder you pass by all 5 wadden Islands, which are Texel, Vlieland Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermoniksoog. The downwinder was actually even longer, because we started from the mainland of the Netherlands, at Den Helder instead from Texel. Even though it's a 2 days kitesurf trip, it's been the best kitesurf trip for me so far. The thrill of passing all the wadden islands which is world heritage UNESCO, is a undescribable experience. The trip itself was very good organised bij the people from Kite active. They are very experienced kitesurfers, and they know the area very well. They are very friendly, give good briefings, and this not only at the start, but also at several other locations where necessary. Alse the hotel on Terschelling was very nice. The boat trip back, and the bus back to Den Helder was perfect organised.Be aware to be an experienced kitesurfer. Don't under estimate it, it's great if you're an advanced kitesurfer with enough experience to kite in big waves on sea. Despite the advanced level of all kiters in the group, we had to wear a Safetrx whatch for our safety. Which really made this trip possible and safe.


  • Visit eight villages showcasing Polynesian culture
  • Canoe ride, tattoos, spear throwing, ukulele lessons and fishing
  • Spectacular Polynesian evening dinner show ‘Ha: Breath of Life’
  • Optional transportation from Waikiki hotels

What are the costs?


positive vibrations only


We organize the perfect kitesurfing holiday according to the Hakuna Matata principle, what 'No stress' means in Afrikaans 🙂 See below what is included in this trip and what you can add to optimally tailor your trip to what you want to achieve!

Level 1 – Beginner

from €999 / week

9 hours of kite lessons with 2 students / 1 set / 1 instructor
shared rental for a week with the latest kite material

overnight stay in kite hotel

delicious local breakfast

kite center facilities, storage & spot use

airport transfer from Trapani

Travel guidance, conviviality, photos & fun!

from € 1899 / 2 weeks

9 hours of kite lessons with 2 students / 1 set / 1 instructor

shared rental for 1 week with the latest kite material

for the 2nd week rental complete set incl. water start supervision upgrade.

overnight stay in kite hotel

delicious local breakfast

kite center facilities, storage & spot use

airport transfer from Trapani

Travel guidance, conviviality, photos & fun!

Level 2 – Waterstart

from €729 / week

Refresher course, theory, safety, etc.

Supervision and coaching so that you can practice independently

overnight stay in kite hotel

delicious local breakfast

kite center facilities, storage & spot use

airport transfers from Trapani

Travel guidance, conviviality, photos & fun!

from € 1279 / 2 weeks

Refresher course, theory, safety

Supervision & coaching

overnight stay in kite hotel

delicious local breakfast

kite center facilities, storage & spot use

airport transfer Trapani

Travel guidance, conviviality, photos & fun!

Level 3 – Independent

from €599 / week

Coaching and trick clinics. Make progress!

overnight stay in kite hotel

delicious local breakfast

kite center facilities, storage & spot use

airport transfer Trapani

Travel guidance, conviviality, photos & fun!

from € 1099 / 2 weeks

coaching, trick clinics and progression!

overnight stay in kite hotel

delicious local breakfast

kite center facilities, storage & spot use

airport transfers

Travel guidance, conviviality, photos & fun!

Practical Information

Not including and all

  • Return flight
  • Private room surcharge 55/night
  • Optional activities & excursions such as wakeboarding, wine tasting, etc
  • Lunch, dinner and drinks
  • Kit rate (Only level 1 includes kite material!!)

WWhat you still need to arrange!

  • Book a flight
  • Grab your bag and check the packing list

Get ready for the kite holiday!

  • Boardshorts & bikini
  • A lycra for the sun, also available in our webshop
  • Kitesurfing sunglasses, also available in our webshop
  • Beach towel
  • Good quality sunscreen
  • Cap and sun hat
  • Your board bag full of kite gear (if you haven’t booked anything with us)!
  • Holiday blouse!



Tour's Location


How far is the accommodation from the kite spot

The kite spot is on your doorstep!

Where is the best place to rent a car or scooter?

We have good contacts with local scooter and car rental companies and you can book through us without any problems. Of course there are several car rentals from Palermo airport where you can also rent a car for €10-30 / day. A good website that we recommend for finding the cheapest car is Carjet.

What is the wind like and what material should I take with me?

On average the wind blows between 14 and 25 knots. So take all the kite sizes you have with you! Furthermore, a large board or a foil can sometimes come in handy in the mornings and a wave board is also recommended because there is also a beautiful wave spot!

How is the group?

Our groups can vary from young to old, and are often evenly distributed with both men and women. The group usually consists of ages between 20 and 45, with exceptions of course. We teach beginners and give tips to advanced kitesurfers, so you can expect every level from us. We also often offer group activities that you can participate in without obligation. On some trips you may share a large room with other KiteActive guests, but this will be indicated. You can often see in advance via our Facebook Events which people will be present on the trip.

How do I fly

You fly into Preveza airport. There are several airlines that fly here, but Transavia is a particular favorite.

How long is the flight? And from Airport to the Kitevilla?

It is about a 2,5 hour flight and from Preveza it is a 15 minute drive to the hotel

How is the nightlife?

Great, you shouldn't compare it with Ibiza, but there is a great club in the capital and there are endless beach bars that organize great theme parties. So don't forget your trendy outfit 🙂

I can't during this period

Shame!! Unfortunately, we only offer this event during this period. Fortunately, we have many other cool ones outside this period kitesurfing events and keep our Facebook Stay tuned to stay informed when new dates for Italy come online.

Expectation Heading

Je verblijft in een lekkere

Je verblijft in een lekkere kamer samen met max. 3 andere kiters. Wil je meer privacy? Boek dan een privé kamer! Je verblijft in een lekkere kamer samen met max. 3 andere kiters. Wil je meer privacy? Boek dan een privé kamer!

The camp will be hosted by Felix Maks

> 18 years of experience
> enthusiastic, kite addicted

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