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Important phone numbers
(also for home dwellers)
local contact number on Zanzibar is :
+255 77 406 2222
(Boaz Oketch, speaks English)
Dutch Hotline
 0 85 009 1325
Felix Maks

Facebook Events 


KiteActive guesthouse
at Paje East Coast


Travel documents

You are responsible for the travel documents. You need to have a passport that is at least valid for 6 months. And you need to have an visa, these can be purchased on arrival for 50 US dollars. You can pay both cash and creditcard upon arrival at Zanzibar Airport and do not have to arrange in advance.

What else should I take with me?

Below is a list of what’s important to take with you and what’s available with us as well.
  • Kitesurf sunglasses that is protective against water and that will not fall off. It is available at us for €29.95
  • Lycra, or T-shirts for on the water (against the sun) availeble at us for €29,95
  • Ready to go package consisting: kitesurf glasses, one KiteActive lycra and one tube of IslandTribe sunburn
  • Passport
  • Good, Water resistant sunburn because you will make long days on the water en the African sun can get pretty heavy 😉
  • If you have your own trapeze bring it with you!
  • USB Stick or SD card for collecting some good pictures. It is also available at our guesthouse for €10.
  • Mosquito cream
  • First aid package (Paracetamol, Betadine, patches etc)

Vaccinations and malaria pills.

The yellow fever vaccaniation is only needed when you have been to one of the yellow feaver nations. Be aware that you need to take the vaccin eight days before departure. In Paje there has never been any signs of malaria. That’s why people don’t swallow the pills against malaria on the island. The yellow fever vaccination is only required if you have been in a yellow fever area last year. Please note that you need to check this 8 days before departure! If you want to go safari in Tanzania then it is advisable to take some pills along preferably the day pil Malerone. Always consult your GP about any vaccinations if needed like: DTP, hepatitis A and B, etc.. Take malaria pills at your own risk with you or leave it at home!


Most people fly with Jetair or Tui from Brussels / Amsterdam to Zanzibar. If you fly with another company, the luggage conditions are also mentioned on your flight ticket.


There will be a pick up at the airport (for additional fee) You can recognize it by the kiteactive flag or logo.  Op het vliegveld staat er een taxi voor u klaar. Deze is te herkennen door het zichtbaar dragen van een KiteActive logo of de tekst KiteActive. If you do not recognize anyone, please contact one of the above phone numbers. Make sure you send us your flight data and flight number on time!

Which kites should I take with me?

If you have your own kitesurf material, we advise to bring your big kite with you. This saves a lot of money, becouse you don’t have to rent one.

Food and drinks

KiteActive offers a catering service aan. This means that we have a local private chef that cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks and dinner are exclusive. You can join and pay at our instructors / managers at the end of the holiday.


You will need a English adapter at Zanzibar. You can buy the English adapter at the island for around 10 to 15 euros. There is a change that the electricity will turnoff, that is because it’s Africa 😉

Photos and Videos

During your holiday KiteActive will make pictures and videos of you. If you prefer not to have this or dont want it to come online, then we would like to know.

If you have any further questions please let us know. Have fun at Zanzibar!