KiteActive has a program for a fanchisee to start up their own business in their own country or region.

What has KiteActive to offer you?

Our brand will greatly help you in getting clients for your business. You get support from us for buying in kitesurf gear, a fully integrated website and additional marketing tools. We will translate our website to your local language and support you with a fully integrated booking and payment system.

What’s in for me?

You can make use of the brand name KiteActive and get the opportunity to start your own travel business.

What’s do I have to do?

You do your own marketing in your country / region. Find your own instructors. You will get a login on our website to see your bookings and booking requests. You will have to answer questions and get ready to start some trips!


At the moment we are looking for franchisees all over the world and especially in the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, and the UK. If you live in one of these country do not hesitate to get in contact to see if you are the right person.

Contact us for more information.