Would you like to learn kitesurfing, or go on an active holiday but don’t know anybody to come along? KiteActive is the place to be! We organize annually many holidays so it’s always possible to join an exiting group …

What is possible?

KiteActive is specialized in arranging trips for people on their own or with a small group that like to become better in kitesurfing, meat new people or just want to have an active holiday. We do this with the help from our experienced instructors during your holidays which take everybody on an adventurous and active experience.

For whom?

Our single trips are always very mixed, both men and women like to learn kitesurfing. Because of this there is always a very nice atmosphere during our holidays. We also regularly organize special themed holidays such as proffesional camp where we invite a pro or camps especially for youngstars or beginners. Find out more about our trips on the link below.

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