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Our manager and host Felix Maks is ready for all your questions (also via WhatsApp) +31 6 27881463
Dutch Hotline +31 0 85 009 1325


KiteActive x Windtown Cumbuco

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Travel documents

You are responsible for the travel documents. are responsible for the travel documents. You need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

Airport Transfer

You will be picked up at the airport by our taxi drivers or by one of our instructors. You can recognize them by the KiteActive sign that they keep visible at the entrance. After everyone has gathered, we will leave for the accommodation, which will be approximately a 61-minute drive.


The day after arrival, lessons, clinics and kitesurfing will start. The wind is always used as much as possible and the rest of the program depends on this. The instructor will discuss/discuss the program with you from day to day. The head instructor will provide more clarity about the content of the week during the welcome talk.

What do I have to bring along?

  • Ready-to-go package Consisting of: kitesurfing sunglasses, one KiteActive lycra and a bottle of IslandTribe sunscreen
  • Good one kitesurfing sunglasses which can also withstand water (with a drawstring to prevent loss). Available from us worth € 30.
  • Lycra, or T-shirts for the water (against the sun) available from us worth €30. If you have your own wetsuit/shorty, bring it with you!
  • Good, water-resistant sunscreen because you spend long days on the water also available from us on site worth € 25. If you have your own trapeze, always bring it with you!
  • USB Stick or SD card for collecting photos and videos at the end of the week also available from us on site worth € 10
  • Nursing package (Paracetamol, Betadine, plasters, etc.)

No wind?!

Brazil is one of our most wind-sure destinations. If the wind does not blow, we organize alternative activities. An additional fee may be charged for most excursions. CAUTION: KiteActive is here cannot responsible for when there is no wind.

Carpooling / Group app

Do you want to carpool with someone to the airport? Make a call in our group chats
- Downwinders Brazil
- Kite & Relax Cumbuco

Vaccinations and malaria pills.

In principle you don't need anything when you travel to Brazil. Hepatites A and B are recommended, but most people have already had this through their doctor.


Most people who go to Fortaleza with KLM or TAP. You can register your extra luggage via their website. Don't have a travel bag for your kite material yet? We sell board bags for great prices! Contact us for information.

Money in Brazil

The currency they use in Brazil is Brazilian Real. You must indicate to your bank that you want to use your card in South America. There are several ATMs where you can withdraw cash to pay. We recommend that you withdraw at least 1000 BRL as we work with a collective pot into which everyone must contribute for food, drinks, etc.

Which kites should I take with me?

If you have your own kitesurfing equipment, we recommend that you bring it with you. This saves a lot of money because you don't have to rent one. Bring everything you have, surfboard, small sizes, large sizes etc. etc.

Food and drink

Breakfast is included and for lunch and dinner we make a communal pot and go out for a nice meal.


You don't need an adapter.

Photos and videos

During your holiday, the KiteActive instructors will take photos and videos. If you would rather not have photos taken of you, please let the manager know.   If you have any further questions please let us know know and otherwise have fun in Brazil!

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