KiteActive Intensive Training

425.00 395.00 incl. btw


Theoretical basis, Material Studies, Kite mounting / dismantling, Kite relaunch, Handlebars, countries recognize Wind Window, Bodydraggen at different rates, different safety systems, fern The first meters.

KiteActive intensive training courses for both beginners and intermediate kitesurfer. It means that once, the wind allows it you are on the water to maximize your progression! At the beginning of the week, you will be assigned to our instructor based on you level. Our instructor will accompany you throughout the week. Depending on location we teach 2 to 4 students per instructor.

If you book the Intensive KiteActive training  you are guaranteed to get 12 hours of lessons by certified instructors. When you are finished with the lessons you get supervised rental the rest of the week.


Prior experience
No experience is required. However, it is useful if you have already experienced the wind, sailing, kite flying or snowboarding for the board feel.

What you learn in this course?
Theoretical basis, Material, Kite mounting / dismantling, Kite relaunch, Equipment safety, Wind conditions, Bodydraggen, different systems, be able to waterstart and make your first meters kitesurfing.


Prior experience
– You have at least already once a beginner course + – done 4 hours
– You can relaunch the kite, managing, controlling and off and landing?
– You’re doing the water start and might have taken the first steps?

What you learn in this course?
Expand theoretical knowledge, Controlled water start, holding Altitude, sailing upwind, making taking curves with the kite and board Several kites and boards to test various safety systems.

NOTE: If after 12 hours of lessons still not common with a kite can handle and you want extra lessons than you can with this book for € 30 per hour.