sailing and kitesurfing
escape a long weekend to Terschelling

The ultimate kitesurf getaway! Pack your belongings and sail with a traditional sail clipper from Harlingen over world heritage site ‘the Wadden Sea’ towards Terschelling. Here you will discover that you don’t have to go far at all, to kit on the most beautiful kite spots in the world! On board, you’ll find everything you need, so what are you waiting for? All hands on think!

wadden trips

organized by KiteActive


15-26 kiters / trip
suitable: solo / couple / 20+



next date

10-14 June 2021

weather & wind

65% wind & average 20C

location & kitespots

world heritage the wadden sea – kitesurf sky

Are you looking for a unique kitesurfing experience? Discover the most beautiful kite spots in the Netherlands on the Wadden Sea. With a large traditional clipper you go on a search for the most beautiful kitesurf spots of the Wadden Islands.Miles of vast beaches with beautiful surf and beautiful, clean waves. Kitesurf on the most beautiful spots, where the water is mirror plane with peace and space!

the wind
always 5 knots more than the mainland!

The wind on the Wadden Sea is always more than the rest in the Netherlands! That’s why our weekends are always a success because there is always enough crazy. Isn’t a weekend of wind predicted for your favorite spot? Take a look at Terschelling and you will want to book your place quickly 😉

foil-wadden sea-sail

kite spots
abroad in your own country

On Terschelling you have the Green beach which has wonderfully flat water with standing depth. Ideal for beginners! On the North Sea side you have wonderful waves and a fantastic, rugged spot for the advanced. There is also a secret spot where you will find flat water, waves, sea dogs, everything together! But we can only show you on the spot and we don’t reveal 🙂 We also try to fall dry with the boat and we can surf around the boat!

What do you have to count on?

In fact, everything is included on weekends and all you have to do is pay for your drinks, souvenirs and optional activities at the end of the weekend. To get an impression of the extra costs:

  • Coffee and Tea on board: free
  • Beer on board: €2
  • Cocktail on board: € 4
  • Eating out at Terschelling: € 8 – 50
Kitesurf packages, lessons & coaching

Are you a complete beginner? Working on the water start? Or have you been kiting for a long time and want to master new tricks? We have the perfect package for you and you can optionally book this with every trip. Can’t you get out? Ask for advice!

TIP: This weekend is also very suitable for people who don’t kitesurf at all!

sailing monument – two mast clipper de manna

Sailing to Terschelling on the spacious two-mast clipper ‘De Manna’ is an experience in itself. Together with skipper Roel and the other kiters you will sail the boat to the right kite spot!

rooms on board

Sleep like a rose on board. Book a private room with your partner or for yourself. Or sleep with other kiters in a shared room.


Toilets, shower, DJ Table, spacious kitchen, a BBQ and so on!

food & drinks

Our instructors will take care of you down to the last detail. Every morning a delicious breakfast, while sailing a fresh soup and after a day of kiting a tasty BBQ.

What is included?
positive vibrations only

We organize the perfect kitesurfing holiday according to the Hakuna Matata principle, which means ‘No Stress’ in Afrikaans 🙂 Our standard package always includes accommodation, breakfast, kite service, boat trip etc. Check out what’s included in this trip below and what else you can add, to optimally tailor your trip to what you want to achieve!

perfect for

couples, families, solo travellers


3 days

Kite level

every level is welcome!

always included
start from


/ long weekend

  • 3 x breakfast
  • 1 x dinner
  • 3 x overnight stay on board
  • 3 x lunch
  • boat crossing
  • sailing course
  • spot guide
  • coaching & travel guidance of our team
  • DJ evening
  • Guaranteed a beautiful adventure & progression
  • CO2 Compensation
optional add-ons
Refresh kite course
/ 2 hours
Kite Rental complete set
€ 160 / weekend
Single room upgrade
€ 60 / night

check more optional add us…

Not included &to dos

Not included

  • Parking money Harlingen
  • 1 x night out for dinner
  • Kitesurfing lessons and optional extras
  • Drink
  • Tax
  • Mountain bike rental
  • Golf surfing lesson
  • Optional activities

information about COVID-19

It is important that you can travel safe, please read our information regarding Covid-10
Free rebooking & cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival

kitesurfing wadden sea


Getting ready to kite
  • Wetsuit 4/3
  • If you haven’t booked anything: Kite Material! Trapeze, Foil, Leash, Board, Kites (preferably all sizes you have with you)
  • Boardbag (this is easy because then you always have all your stuff together and you never have to look!)
  • Towels
  • Sleeping bag / Duvet
  • Warm clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Raincoat
  • Sufficient sunscreen
how to get there

The boat departs from the port of Harlingen from the Willemskade you can find the Manna. You can park the car in different places, make sure you reserve this because it can sometimes be very busy!

Travel experiences of our guests!

What a great experience this year with the Wadden sailing weekend! Together with many other nice people you enjoy the peace and quiet on the sailboat. Kiteactive has provided delicious food both days. In the evening there is enough space for a nice party on board with delicious hits and tunes. In the afternoons you can kit on the Wadden Sea. Enjoy from start to finish!

What do people think about the Wadden weekend?

Rens Apples

Had another great weekend! Nice cozy group, nice parties, good food and of course can kit on the Wadden Sea in the afternoon!


Travel experiences of guests!

Juul van den Boogaard

An absolute top experience! We were lucky enough to be able to board a night earlier, which means we had twice as much party! Kite Active spoiled us on board with a delicious breakfast, super lunch and a great BBQ. All this while enjoying great hits with a beautiful themed party as a peak! In addition to partying, there is also time during the day for relaxing on deck, kiting on the wadden and swimming. And all this you do together with a very nice group of people, where age doesn’t matter! In other words definitely recommended because you are definitely going to enjoy!

Do you have questions? We have answers!

No problem, only then you will have to catch the ferry to or from Terschelling yourself to be there!

Fortunately, on the Wadden Islands it often blows 5-8 knots harder than on the mainland, so we can always kit for a few days almost every weekend. Could it happen that it doesn’t blow for a weekend? No problem at all! There is really more than enough to do, sailing on a big clipper is already hugely spectacular and at Terschelling we work together with a very cool surf school so that we can play golf!

Definitely not! For sailing, a professional crew of a mate and a skipper is involved. Who, of course, do need your help every now and then! For kitesurfing there are always instructors who teach you kitesurfing in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands!

Just the drinks bill and souvenirs on the island!

Sure, you can also go along for fun or just grab a nice weekend of Terschelling where everything is arranged for you!

Private towel and a sleeping bag or duvet. You can shower on board and everything else has been thought of. Don’t have kitesurfing lessons or equipment rental? Then make sure that all your material is brought in a boardbag so that we can put this on the deck.

A very unique experience that we always try to do. Of course, every weekend depends on the tide and the wind direction what is possible. So it’s not always guaranteed

The departure port is Harlingen, Willemskade. If you don’t make it in time, you will have to catch the boat to Terschelling where the boat is in the harbour!

The camp will be hosted by felix &roel

> 17 years of experience in sailing & kitesurfing
> 2 professionals on board
> relaxed &buzzing

Add us & Activities
add more good vibes

wave surfing
buy at camp

electric fat bike
buy at camp
free activity

kite and sail with the seals!
free activity

What can you expect?
100% fun

A long kitesurfing weekend that you can safely call legendary. An absolute must from the KiteActive team. Our Wadden Sea trip is kiteactive’s very first destination and is still no. 1 with many instructors and customers.

Learn to sail and kitesurf this summer! Are you looking for a unique kitesurfing experience? Discover the most beautiful kite spots in the Netherlands on the Wadden Sea. With a large traditional clipper you go on a search for the most beautiful kitesurfing spots of the Wadden Islands.

Stop reading and put one of the weekends in your calendar first!

All you have to do is book the weekend and make sure you get on board on time! Our team will take care of you for the rest of the weekend! Fanatical sailing we set course for the island. Here there will be a goat, then enjoy a hot meal on board. Also a beautiful party evening will be organized and we sail again on Sunday, tired but satisfied, back to Harlingen!

information about COVID-19

It is important that you can travel safe, please read our information regarding Covid-10
Free rebooking & cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival

An impression of the atmosphere during our Wadden trips!

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our mission for a better planet

At KiteActive we believe in the future of our planet and the oceans. It would be great if our childeren can enjoy the same awesome planet as we found it, right? That’s why we started a project with WWF to keep our oceans plastic free and compensate the CO2 which we use!

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