Every kitesurfer’s wet dream
downwinder xxl brazil

For years we have been looking for the most beautiful destinations that combine magical features such as: strong reliable wind, pristine sandy beaches, rolling waves and unlimited space on the water. Have you ever dreamed of a place like this? Then you have just found the journey that will make your dream a reality! The mega downwinder in Brazil is bucket list material!

When you go with our Mega Downwinder through Brazil, we leave the busy beaches and mass tourism behind us. You will discover new kitesurf spots and be coached by our pro-kitesurfers who have been coming here for years. Life is one big journey, so why not travel in style?


#CHILL: Chill Downwinder

#XXL Downwinder XXL

#WAVE: Dedicated wave downwinder

#ADVENTURE: Parnaiba delta downwinder

#CUSTOM: Custom downwinder with friends

Dates 2023

#CHILL: 5-11 nov

#XXL: 5-18 nov

#WAVE: 19-25 nov

#ADVENTURE: 12-18 nov

#CUSTOM: okt-nov-dec


#CHILL: € 1199

#XXL € 2199

#WAVE: €1199


#CUSTOM: on request


#CHILL: Cumbuco>Jericoacoara 200 km

#XXL: Cumbuco – Tutoia 450km

#WAVE: Cumbuco – Maceio 300km

#ADVENTURE: Jericoacoara – Tutoia 250km

#CUSTOM: Everything is possible


organized by KiteActive


6-15 kiters
2 coaches / guides on the water
2 drivers in 4×4 on the beach
1 photographer


You need to be able to kitesurf at sea in more then 20 knots by yourself.

weather & wind

65% wind & average 30C

location & kitespots
the land of salsa, 100% wind and caipirinha!

No better way to travel than with your kite! When we start with our downwinder, we let the 4×4 jeeps ride along the beach while you follow the wind! During the KiteSafari Brazil we will send you past all the hidden lagoons and undiscovered places, with the final destination being surfersparadise and the wild west of Brazil: Jericoacoara! This place is in the top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. During this trip everything is arranged down to the last detail and professional tour guides (guides) from KiteActive go along to show you the way!  

Let us know and get ready for the kitesurfing holiday of a lifetime. The wind blows and the waves roll!

kiteactive kite
wind guarantee!
guaranteed muscle pain

If you book this trip, you know one thing for sure. You will get enough kite hours on the water! From June to the end of December the wind blows non-stop between 15 and 30 knots side on-shore. The more we travel north towards Jericoacoara the stronger the wind will get! So bring all your sizes of kites and game-on!

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weather & seasons
Follow summer!

The climate in Brazil is really great. With a water temperature of 25 and an outdoor temperature of 30+, you can walk around in your bikini or board shorts all day long. The evenings are also wonderfully warm so it’s the perfect way to extend your summer! The season for Brazil is from June to the end of December and with KiteActive we stay from mid-October. until the end of December in Brazil

long live the exchange rate

In Brazil you pay with the Brazilian Reaal which is currently very favorable to the EURO. There are a number of ATM machines in Cumbuco and on the way on your trip and you can pay with your credit and debit card in many places nowadays.

  1. Coffee: €0,50
  2. Beer: € 1
  3. Lunch: €2 to 15
  4. Dinner incl. drink: €8-30
downwind song

To get in the mood we made a cool song on Spotify

Downwind Song by KiteActive

kite inn & kite out

During your trip you will stay in very nice pousadas located on the beach or as close as possible. You will be in your hammock after a satisfied day of kitesurfing and you will sleep like a baby!

Pousadas on the way

Because we have been coming to Brazil since 2008, we now know the very best places to sit. We try to arrange cool hotels directly at the spot, so you can park your kite in front of the door!


You stay in a nice room together with max. 3 other kiters. Do you want more privacy? Then book a private room!

food & drinks

The KiteActive Team ensures that there is enough food & drinks when you break down from the water. Read here how we do this.

pousadas on the way
stay in style
1. Cumbuco as Casa roberto
2. paracuru – vento
3. flecheiras – hotel kalunga
4. baleia – kitemansion
1. Cumbuco as Casa roberto
2. paracuru – vento
3. flecheiras – hotel kalunga
4. baleia – kitemansion
comfort & style

All the rooms are to European standards and very comfortable! You will stay in different places during this trip.

standard shared room

Share your room with max. 3 other kiters. We’re trying to keep ladies and gentlemen separate.

single private room

More privacy? Book a private room if they are available for an extra charge.

double private room

Perfect for couples.

Food and drinks
caipirinha and acai

Every morning we start the day well with a delicious breakfast which is arranged by us. For the rest of the day we make sure that delicious food is always waiting for you, bananas from the jeep and enough water. Furthermore, we will arrange lunch and dinner from a communal pot where the deposit is 600R$ at the beginning of the trip.


You can fly directly with KLM in about 10 hours. You could also fly with TAP or another airline of your choice that suits you!

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what is inclusive?
positive vibrations only

We organize the perfect kitesurfing holiday according to the Hakuna Matata principle, which means ‘No Stress’ in Swahili 🙂 Our standard package always includes accommodation, breakfast, kite service, airport transfers, etc. Check out what’s included in this trip below and what else you can add to make the most of your trip to what you want to achieve!

jeep downwinder
perfect for

couples, families, solo travellers


You can use 1 or max. Book the downwinders for 2 weeks

Kite level

intermediate / advanced

always included
start from


/ week

  • 7 x delicious breakfast
  • 7 x overnight stay in KiteVilla
  • 4×4 Jeep transport
  • Coaching & Travel guidance / Guides from our own team.
  • Airport transfer
  • Nice groups & activities
  • Cool pictures & FUN!
  • CO2 Compensated
optional add-ons
Kite rental
/ week
waveboard rental
€ 150
/ week
single room upgrade
€ 25 / night

check more optional add us…

Not included and to dos

Not included

  • Return Flight
  • Waveboard rental
  • Lunch and dinners
  • Drinks
  • Kite gear rental
  • Optional activities

Things you need to do

  • Book flight
  • Check your gear ( you need to make sure it is in good shape)

information about COVID-19

It is important that you can travel safe, please read our information regarding Covid-10
Free rebooking & cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival



Getting ready to kite
  • All your kite gear in a boardbag
  • Beachwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof sunscreen high in SPF. We recommend using oxybenzone-free products and help conserve our favourite playground – the ocean.
  • Cap for kiting
  • Lycra and other protection against the sun, you make long hours on the water!

More information about flights and how to get there

Keros lessons
The stories from our customers about the downwinder XXL

Nick de Bruijn

We had an amazing time with Kite Active down winding in Brazil. They manage a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a professional and save organisation to back it up. 0% stress, 100% kiting. Awesome week guys, see you again 😃 next year!

wave kite

what do people say about Kiteactive?

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Do you have questions? We have answers!

It always blows at least 16 knots and often even harder. In the afternoon the wind sometimes decreases a bit so it is also good to bring large sizes. the Golden rule: Bring all the sizes of kites you have!!

Have done a downwinder at least once and can sail upwind independently and perform a self rescue.

Always good people around! Our own KiteActive team is guiding you along the coast together with our Brazilian heroes! The group is advanced / intermediate kiters from 30-50 years old. Positive vibes only!

The camp will be hosted by roderick pijls

> 7 years of experience
> known for his photo & video skills, wave guru and patient teacher
> relaxed &buzzing

What can you expect?
100% fun

The complete program and route of the downwinder Brazil can be found below. Here you will find a day-to-day description of which pieces you will do and what your kitesurfing holiday in Brazil will look like on the water. Take a look at the route of the KiteSafari so you can tell us what we are going to do.

If you want, we’ll get you from Fortaleza Airport. Please notify us in advance and provide us with your flight details. The downwinder in Brazil always starts on Sunday at 10:00 from Cumbuco or Jericoacoara.

It is advisable to stay a few nights earlier in our Pousada in Cumbuco to get into it a bit, get used to the sun and enjoy. The downwinder Brazil lasts until Saturday evening. Then you’ll be back in Cumbuco.

PLEASE NOTE: this package includes 7 nights, if you stay extra nights with us in Cumbuco this costs €40 p.p.p.n. incl. breakfast, 4×4 transportation and fun!

information about COVID-19

It is important that you can travel safe, please read our information regarding Covid-10
Free rebooking & cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival

Watch our movie from the downwinder XXL - The battle of Tutoia

Watch our movie from the downwinder XXL – The battle of Tutoia

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our mission for a better planet

At KiteActive we believe in the future of our planet and the oceans. It would be great if our childeren can enjoy the same awesome planet as we found it, right? That’s why we started a project with WWF to keep our oceans plastic free and compensate the CO2 which we use!

Mega downwinder Brazil
from 7 days
From EUR 1099 / person
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