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Dakhla is located on the edge of the Sahara with a huge flat water lagoon near the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking for a kitesurfing destination with wind guarantee and with the flattest water you have ever seen, Dakhla is the place to be. Dakhla has huge wind reliability, a fantastic culture, and nice weather. The birds and dolphins will sail side by side with you. Everyone enjoys with you when you tell your kitesurfing adventures after your kitesurfing session while enjoying a drink! After a half-hour drive with the 4×4 you have one of the most beautiful right-running waves in the world. It is also not for nothing that they regularly organize the World Cup wave event here.

dakhla camps

organized by KiteActive


12 kiters / week

dates 22

9 April tot 8 mei

weather & wind

75% wind & average 30C

location & kitespot
kitesurfing in the middle of the desert

Due to the reliable wind and because you have all the space on the huge lagoon, this is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world for kitesurfing, or to learn new tricks. Are you up for new tricks? Do you want to add more style to your old tricks? Maybe add a grab?

Or are you ready for a new adventure and do you want to learn kitesurfing? Then go with our KiteActive instructors on a kitesurfing holiday to Dakhla in Morocco. We take your level up a notch through intensive coaching, lessons and clinics with our team in Dakhla.

weather & WIND
reliable breeze

March to December are the most wind-sure months in Dakhla. You are guaranteed to get enough kitesurfing hours and muscle pain! The wind blows side-shore and is usually between 14 and sometimes up to 30 knots. The water is cold so bring a shorty or 3/2 wetsuit. The outside temperature is wonderfully warm during the day but remember that you are in the desert and that it cools down considerably at night. So don’t forget to throw some warm sweaters in your boardbag!

giant lagoon

Directly at the KiteActive Camp there is a giant lagoon that makes your kitesurfing heart beat faster. The flat water is ideal for beginners to make the first meters. The spot is influenced by the tides, but at low tide there is still enough water in the lagoon with space for every level. Depending on the tide, you have a 150 to 300 meter wide, shallow water, just in front of the KiteActive camp. This is where you will spend 92.2% of your holiday. The ground is sandy without sharp rocks or corals, the wind constantly blows side-shore from the left direction. This place offers maximum safety for beginners and ideal conditions for freestylers & advanced. Even during the main season, you will always find plenty of space on the water here. You also have a wavespot and a speedspot. Here we will do some trips during the week and if the wind blows well we organize some downwinders!


You pay in Morocco with the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). In general, prices are much lower than in Europe!

  • Coffee: €0,50
  • Beer: €1
  • Dinner including beer or wine: €5-30
Kitesurf packages, lessons & coaching

Are you a complete beginner? Working on the water start? Or have you been kiting for a long time and want to master new tricks? We have the perfect package for you and you can optionally book this with every trip. Can’t you get out? Ask for advice!

feel at home in the dakhla CLUB

Together with the rest of the KiteActive group, you will stay in an excellent kitesurfing resort in Dakhla directly at the spot called: Dakhla Kitecamp. Not only the service and the team is excellent, also the food is delicious. Together with our team, we ensure that you do not miss anything during your holiday. If you don’t book a single room, you sleep in the room with other kiters.


All 10 rooms in the kitecamp are spacious and have a private bathroom. See which room type suits you best.


All rooms are modern and equipped with good mattresses, AC, kite facilities and lounge areas.

food & drinks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided by the camp! So you don’t have to worry about anything. You can enjoy kiting!

Sleep tight
Shared / Dorm cream

Share your room with 2, max. 3 other kiters! We always try to keep ladies and gentlemen separate.

single room

Do you want more privacy? Book a private apartment.

double room

With your boyfriend or girlfriend? Book a private apartment!

food & drinks
All Inn

Both breakfast and lunch & dinner are provided by the camp. A varying menu buffet so you have enough energy on the water! 🙂 You can drink in your room and you can pay for this at the end of the camp. Water, tea and coffee is always free.

in the middle of the Sahara

A great lagoon in the middle of the wild desert. You fly at Dakhla airport with Royal air Maroc and from here we take you to the camp in ongv. 1 hour drive.

What’s included?
positive vibrations only

We organize the perfect kitesurfing holiday according to the Hakuna Matata principle, which means ‘No Stress’ in Swahili 🙂 Our standard package always includes accommodation in a cool kite villa, delicious breakfast, kite service, airport transfers etc. Check out what’s included in this trip below and what else you can add to make the most of your trip to what you want to achieve!

perfect for

couples, families, solo travellers


You can book 1 or 2 weeks
TIP: Ask for flexible dates

Kite level

Every level is welcome

always included
start from


/ week

  • 7 x delicious breakfast / lunch & dinner
  • 7 x overnight stay in our KiteCamp
  • Kitecenter Facilities
  • Airport transfer
  • Coaching & Travel guidance from our own team.
  • Airport transfer
  • Cozy groups & activities
  • Downwinders, clinics, pictures, new friends & FUN!
  • CO2 Compensated
optional add-ons
single room upgrade
€ 25 / night

check more optional add us...

not included and to do

Not included

  • Return flight (necessary)
  • Optional kite lesson packages
  • Optional activities
  • Kite gear rental after class
  • Kite and travel insurance

What else do you have to take care of?


information about COVID-19

It is important that you can travel safe, please read our information regarding Covid-10
Free rebooking & cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival

rescue dakhla


Getting ready to kite
  • Wetsuit 4/3
  • Kite gear if you haven’t booked anything online
  • Beachwear
  • Sunglasses (preferably also for the water)
  • Waterproof sunscreen high in SPF.
  • Cap for kitesurfing.

Learn more about how to get there

travel stories of our travelers

Ben Wijnen

Just returned from a nice trip to Dakhla with KiteActive! Very cool group, 6 out of 7 days super wind, and on the windless day a top golf surfing session organized by Roderick Pijls and Bas Boode! Food was also thick in order (apart from the camel meat😅)! Definitely recommended.


What do people say about kiteactive?

Koen Kuppeveld

What a great club of people! I was only on kite holiday in Dakhla, never heard of KiteActive before and turned out to be staying in the same camp. I’m included in the KiteActive community as one of them. This has made my holiday, the conviviality, the professionalism and relaxation. Next time I book via KiteActive.

Do you have questions? We have answers!

No problem! Send us an email or via chat and leave your phone number, we will give you extensive advice!

Our groups can vary from young to old, and are often evenly distributed with both men and women. Usually the group consists of the ages between 20 and 45 years with exceptions of course. We teach beginners and give tips to advanced kitesurfers so you can expect any level with us. We also often offer group activities that you can participate in without obligation. Some trips may involve sharing a large room with other KiteActive guests, but this is indicated. Often you can already see which people will be present at the trip via our Facebook Events or via the Whatsapp group.

yes, if you want, we’ll arrange the flight for you, too. We charge € 50 booking fee for this.

For all levels! From beginner to advanced you can enjoy yourself on this lagoon and train.

Normally it blows 13 to 30 knots so the golden rule takes all sizes of kites with you!

The camp will be hosted by roderick pijls

> 14 years of experience
> known for his photo & video skills, freestyle guru and patient teacher
> relaxed &buzzing

Add ons & Activities
add more good vibes

wave surfing
buy at camp

downwinder to speedspot
buy at camp
free activity

visit white dune
What can you expect?
100% fun

A week full of kitesurfing action. You will work with our team on what you want to learn. Goals are set at the beginning of the week and together we will see how we will achieve them! Because the wind is perfect every day, we can train a lot and make progress. It is ideal because our camp is located at the kite spot, so if you get hungry in the afternoon you can join us immediately! In the evenings we evaluate the day and analyze what went right or wrong.

information about COVID-19

It is important that you can travel safe, please read our information regarding Covid-10
Free rebooking & cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival

Watch our video from Morocco to get an impression!

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our mission for a better planet

At KiteActive we believe in the future of our planet and the oceans. It would be great if our childeren can enjoy the same awesome planet as we found it, right? That’s why we started a project with WWF to keep our oceans plastic free and compensate the CO2 which we use!

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