A kitesurf guesthouse in paradise


Discover a kitesurfing paradise in Paje, Zanzibar. It does not only sound good, it is good! At the doorstep of our kite surf Hotel in Zanzibar lies a world class kitespot. This spot is suitable for every level, from beginner to advanced. Our Kitesurf Hotel opened in December 2015 and was built to make your holiday in Zanzibar one big surf success.

Are you looking for an active kitesurfing holiday in a remote and beautiful island in the Indian Ocean? Travel with us to the astonishing Zanzibar and taste the African atmosphere with KiteActive. Our experienced kitesurf coaches and instructors know everything about Zanzibar and will make your kitesurf holiday a guaranteed adventure!

Wind & climate


The kitesurfing conditions on Zanzibar are suitable for all levels: from new beginners to hardcore kitesurf experts. The best kite months are January through mid-February, June and July. These seasons are when the El Nino and El Nina blow through the surf town of Paje. Often, there is a minimum of 12 knots which increases in the afternoon to 16 knots. The temperature of the water exceeds 24 degrees celsius year-round which means you can leave your wetsuit back home!

Furthermore, Zanzibar has many more beautiful places waiting to be discovered. You can catch downwinders along the reef where you can race dolphins; or you can try wave-kiting on the most challenging waves in Zanzibar. As well, you can join trick clinics in the island’s remote lagoons or on the stunning palm beaches for a new type of thrill. Discover the surprises that kitesurfing island of Zanzibar offers!

The African village of Paje is the kitesurf place to be in Zanzibar. It has pearl white sand beaches with shallow, crystal clear water. One and half kilometers from the shore you will find a reef where the best waves of the island roll in and nothing is in your way except some dolphins :). The wind blows onshore from the right side in the summer and in the winter from the left. At low tide, you will find a breathtaking lagoon in front of our guesthouse which is perfect for calm water freestyle action or enthusiastic kitesurfing beginners.

Zanzibar is surrounded by small islands, especially to the south. If you feel the need for a different type of adventure, the Blue Safari is an exciting trip and “must” experience while in Zanzibar. You will embark on a local boat through a dolphin-rich area and venture to a beautiful sandbank. Here you will discover our most remote yet rewarding kitesurf spot!

30 C

Level: all levels, perfect for beginner.

Water: 25 C Boardshort needed! Flat water spot

Groupsize: You will arrive in the KiteActive guesthouse


Accommodation in KiteActive Guesthouse
Kite storage
Professional instructors & tour guides
Local (tourist)taxes
Every day a clean room
Ensuite bathroom, mosquito net & lockers

Dates & prices 2019

7 days €249 Zanzibar KiteCamp
14 days €475 Zanzibar KiteCamp
21 days € 649 Zanzibar KiteCamp


Airport transfer (€ 70 both ways/car)
Bike, scooter or car rental on location
Kitesurf lessons and/or rentals
Meal of the day in guesthouse (ca. €6)
Extra activities & trips on location

The perfect place to stay!

KiteActive Guesthouse Zanzibar

Zanzibar is our first location with a KiteActive exclusive guesthouse. The location of the KiteActive Guesthouse in Zanzibar is ideal. It is in walking distance to the kite centre, the kitesurfing beach, supermarkets, restaurants and a lively beach-bar!

As for the accommodation itself, in our guesthouse you will be joining other kitesurfers and our professional instructors. The house offers spacious rooms with twin-size and double-size beds (mosquito net included). Each room has its own en suite shower and toilet. If you want, it is an option to have your own room and you can note this when you book (NOTICE: this includes extra costs). If you do not declare this, it is possible you will be accompanied by another KiteActive guest in your room.

Further, there are several communal spaces and terraces where you can chill and relax. You can meet other kiters and make friends of a lifetime or simply unwind and enjoy the sounds of the sea washing on shore.

Finally, when it comes to food, our local chef Futuma prepares delicious meals every evening so there is no need to worry about figuring out your own dinners!


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What to expect?


For years we have collaborated with the number one kite school in Zanzibar, Kite Centre Zanzibar (KCZ). You can expect motivated KiteActive and Kite Centre instructors who help and teach you to learn kiting safely. KCZ is located close to our guesthouse on Paje Beach. Further, you will get a taste of the authentic Zanzibar local life. The welcoming Zanzibaris in the area are ready to share with us what we have forgotten in our fast world: Hakuna Matata (“no worries” in Swahili) and Pole Pole (“take it easy”). Zanzibar holds special opportunities for everyone: from the extreme kiters to families who are looking for a relaxing holiday. We look forward to your stay with KiteActive where many new adventures await you! 

We combined several packages for you:
➡ Kitesurf week course 9h + rental € 395
Kite rental week € 290 /2wk €450
Beginner/Refresh course € 110
➡ For more packages, check here!

Zanzibar offers many options: as a kitesurfer you can surf downwinders or improve yourself with our trick clinics. Are you looking for an opportunity to advance to the next level? Do you want to test out our different kites? Or have a go on a wave board? It is all possible on your holiday! Play in the waves or enjoy the sunset on your own SUP board. If you want you can journey on a safari to the mainland or book one of our own tours such as the Blue Safari, the Spice Tour and the Dolphin Tour. You can book these tours on location.

➡ SUP tours (wave mangrove sunset)
➡ Wave surfing on Zanzibar
➡ A safari on mainland of  Tanzania
➡ Blue safari, dolphin tour, spice tour, Mnemba tour
➡ Fish with local fisherman on the sea on a traditional Dhow
➡ Discover the capitol of Zanzibar: Stone Town

How can I book a trip?

To book a trip with us is very easy. Send us a message, call us, whats app or come by at the headquarters. You can tell us how bad you want to join our trip:) As soon as you book, we will make a reservation for you in 10 days. After the reservation, you have to pay a down payment (25% of the total). Then you are secured for your trip of your dreams.

You can still cancel your booking for free till 2 days after your booking. After this period there will be costs included if you cancel.

Who will be in my group?

Our groups range from young till old and are often balanced between males and females! Usually, the group is between 20 and 45 years old. We can teach beginners and give tips and tricks to advanced kitesurfers. You could expect a variety of levels in your group. As well, we offer group activities and you are most welcome and free to choose if you want to take part in them. With some destinations it may be possible that you will share a big room with other KiteActive guests. However, this will be notified to you. In advance you might be able to see on Facebook events who attends your trip. In Zanzibar we have our first own Guesthouse, you can expect the groups to be bigger than usually. Also, people from different countries can stay with us!

What is the level of this destination?

For all levels! From beginner to far advanced. You can learn easy in the shallow water or go crazy and rock on the lagoons.

What to do before going to Zanzibar? Vaccinations?

Make sure that you will have all the vaccinations that are needed for your country. If you are not sure, make contact with your doctor and discuss about your trip. If you come from Europe yellow fever isn’t mandatory. From other destinations it is mandatory!

How is the wind in Zanzibar?

The wind in Zanzibar is a well known topic in the kitesurf world. The wind seasons are from June till September and from December till March. Every season is different. We experienced seasons that we boosted our 9m2 kites everyday. But also, we had seasons with days without much wind. A reminder is that this sport will always be a sport that is reliant on mother nature. However, don’t be afraid of no kiting hours, because in general you will be able to boost your kite up and down and make lot of hours on the water!

What else is there to do then kitesurfing?

Besides kitesurfing, you can visit Paje. Which is a perfect place to learn diving or just enjoy and relax on the beach. In the evening you can always have a drink with your co-kiters in the local bars or resorts. Every Friday there is a huge beach party at the Jambo bar or there will be nice parties around in the resorts.

Can I rent a scooter/car?

Yes, you can rent a car for +/- $ 40,- a day and a motorcycle for $ 30,- a day. We advice you, if you are a beginner in driving, not to rent a car. This because in Zanzibar people drive left and drive quite aggressive. In case you do drive, bring your international driver license. So you don’ t have to bribe the police every time.

What is the currency in Zanzibar?

In Zanzibar they use the Tanzanian Shilling (Tzh). But usually you can pay as well with dollars and Euro’s (Be aware: you will pay more). It is only possibly to go to an ATM in the capitol Stonetown (and not Paje), since only 1% of the population has a bank account in Zanzibar.

Do I need to book my own flight?

Yes, You have to book your own flight to Zanzibar Kisauni airport. Of course our team can help you to find the perfect flight for you.

Do you still need KiteActive to help you arrange your flight. No problemo. Tell us your date, budget and preferences (duration/leg space/transfer) in a mail and we will book for you the best flight for € 35 service fee.

Do I need a visa?

Yes, but you have to buy it on arrival at the airport for (US)$ 50,-. Make sure that you will have enough dollars with you if you arrive on the airport. This safes you time!

I fly to Dar es Salaam. How do I get to Zanzibar?

From the airport of Dar es Salaam you can fly for +/- $ 80,- to Zanzibar (40 min). Or you can take a taxi to the ferry +/- $ 30,- (30 min) and go with the ferry to Zanzibar $ 35,- (3 uur). In case of emergency or problems, you can always contact our hotline on the top of this page or communicate with the local contact person.

Euh, I have another question?

Is your question not in our general FAQ? Ask us what you can in our chat or E-mail.