On kitesurf holiday to the famous one-eye in the Indian ocean


Mauritius, a hidden green gem in the blue Indian ocean with white beaches and stunning landscapes. Mauritius is known as a kitesurf wave hotspot due to ‘One-Eye’. However, besides One-Eye, there are plenty of more wave spots around the island for every level. Ready to ride the waves? There are a couple of beautiful lagoons where you can upgrade your tricks with the help of pro-kiter Roderick Pijls and the other KiteActive coaches. During your holiday you will stay in our guesthouse in the village ‘La Gaullete, which is on a 10 min drive distance from the waves and lagoon. 

Kiteactive organizes a wave and freestyle clinic in collaboration with professional kitesurfer Roderick Pijls. Together we can get you to the next level of kitesurfing. Do you want to get better in wave kiting or do you want to learn new tricks in flat waters? You will make guaranteed kite progression!

Recently, new flight connections in Europe have been established to Mauritius. This means that you will have a comfortable flight of around 10 hours to Mauritius (from Europe). The price can be as low as € 600 return ticket.



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26 September tot 06 October only €949 i.p.v. €1099

06 October till 16 October only €949 i.p.v. €1099

     Airport transfer retour & 4×4 transport

      Breakfast & diner private chef

    Accommodation in a Kite villa

      Support on the water &  beach from our KiteActive team

      Wave & Trickclinics daily from our wave gurus!

     Nice groups, from beginner to pro!

     Reliable wind, lovely weather and super kitespot!

      Downwinders, clinics, pictures, new friends & FUN!

     Single room €150 / week extra

     Kitesurf les & trick clinics

         Kitegear rental, board huur, kitehuur etc

      Extra nachten of andere data (neem contact op)

     Grote (vrienden) groep boven de 5 personen? Neem contact met ons op voor speciale deals en mogelijkheden!

Team: Roderick Pijls

Temperature: +- 30 C

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Water: 21C shorty needed. wave & flat water

Groupsize: min. 6 / max. 14 people


Team: Felix Maks

About Mauritius


The big advantage of Mauritius is that there are many different kite spots. For everybody there is something to do. Surf from the biggest waves to the calmest waters and learn your newest tricks in your comfort zone.

Outside the reef there are 3 types of waves breaking next to each other, which are perfect for beginners and professionals. For beginners there is ‘Small Reef’, a beautiful playground with opportunities to bring your wave skills to a whole new level.

Next to ‘Small Reef’ there is ‘Manawa’ for advanced kiters and last but not least there is ‘One-Eye’. A challenging wave for even the professional kitesurfer.

The usual wind direction at Le Morne is South-East. Often, this South-East wind is thermic and can accelerate the wind up to 15 to 20 knots. The forecast is often predicted by the right wind direction and cloud coverage.



You will stay in our surf house in the village ‘La Gaulette’, a 10min drive to the spot. Our house has multiple beds and kitchens. The spacious rooms are equipped with enough showers and bathrooms. The house is very comfortable and made for kiters on kitesurf holiday in Mauritius!

The lagoon lodge is about 5 minutes walk to a beach (not the kitesurf spot) and walking distance to a supermarket, restaurants and bars.

If you choose to book a single room, you must note this at your booking. (BE AWARE: this includes extra costs)


During your trip, there will be diverse trick & wave clinics held by Roderick Pijls. Roderick is our professional kiter who will help you to learn new freestyle tricks with the help of video-analysis. Furthermore, Roderick will give you tips and tricks to become more agile in the waves and will teach you how to make bottom and top-turns.

A typical day in Mauritius is not like the usual. Every morning you wake up with a mind-blowing view on a beautiful lagoon surrounded by palm trees. When everyone is awake and has finished their breakfast, we will take the pickups and drive to one of the kitespots. If you start kiting at 10:00 am, you will feel a fresh breeze of wind and take out a 7m or 11m kite. For lunch, you will find many food trucks who sell delicious curries, salads and paninis on the beach. After a second session (sunset), we will head back to the guesthouse where our chef cooks a tasty dinner.

There are several bars and cafes with good music, the perfect place to wind down for the day and play some pool. You can have a drink or maybe 2, 3….4 or just watch a chill kitesurf video on the big projector.

If there is a day without wind, you will have plenty different alternatives. You can hike the mountain ‘Brabant’. Or we can organize a BBQ on a private island with fresh catches of the day. We will have a campfire under a sky full of stars, snorkel in colorful corals or organize an adventure to the north of the island.

What means 4x4 transport?

This means that you don’t own a private driver on the island. There are several pick-ups available that drive from and to the kitespot from the guesthouse on (agreed and discussed) times. On no-wind days we will organise a no-wind activity with our pick-ups. Eventually it is a group holiday, which means that we have to decide with everyone what the plan will be. Would you rather be more flexible and have your own vehicle to your possession, than KiteActive can organise a private car for you.

How is the group composition?

Our groups can vary from young to old, and are often evenly divided with both men and women. The group usually consists of ages between 20 and 45 with exceptions of course. We teach beginners and give tips to advanced kite surfers so you can expect every level with us. We also often offer group activities (on no-wind days) that you can join without obligation. On some trips you may share a large room with other KiteActive guests, but this is indicated. Often you can see in advance through our Facebook Events which people will be present during the trip.

How can I book a travel?

Booking a trip with us is very easy. Just send us a message, phone call, whats appje or send a carrier pigeon that you want and we will take care of the rest. Once you book, we reserve a place for you for the journey up to 10 days. If the deposit has been transferred (25% of the total amount) then you are sure that you will be there! You can cancel the trip for free up to 2 days after your booking, after which costs will be charged.

Help! I can't come in this periode?

Unfortunately we really only offer this event during this period. Outside of this period, we fortunately have a lot of other cool kitesurf events and keep an eye on our Facebook to stay informed when new data for Mauritius comes online.

Can I also join if I don't like waves?

Certainly. There are countless flat water spots and super nice conditions for every kiter. From beginner to advanced.

Can you also organise the flight?

Normally not, we mainly advise which flight is best for booking! Currently, KLM & Air Mauritius (same flight) flies to Mauritius directly for good prices. We also recommend that you check Skyscanner for your best flight. Would you rather KiteActive take care of everything? No problem. Set your data, budget, and possibly. preferences (travel time / legroom / transfer) on the mail and we book the best flight for you for only € 35 booking costs.

What level do I need for this travel?

You will enjoy this destination the most if you have intermediate / advanced level. Since pro-kiter Roderick Pijls is present during this camp to play with you in the waves, give wave clinics and learn new tricks. If you are a beginner and still want to come along? This is possible! There are a number of beautiful lagoons where we work together with local kite schools. Ask us about the possibilities. You can also rent material / wave boards from us.

Euhm, my question isn't answered yet!

Is your question not answered in our detailed FAQ? Ask us all your questions via the chat or E-mail.

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