1 week, 8 days

At the opening of the aircraft doors smell and feel all the wonderful atmosphere of Italy. Our staff picks you up and takes you in its 30 min to our Kite House, located on the south side of Sardinia. The relaxed atmosphere, many facilities and makes our friendly team on site that you feel immediately welcome! Also, you will see that the Kite Active flag taut and a few have you for a session at one of the best flat water spots of Europe. Through the wind and the peninsula you have a huge lagoon where you can stand almost anywhere, really everyone can live it up! From beginner to PRO!

INCLUDED Accommodation in KiteActive House (shared room)
Professional instructor
No wind activities (mountain bike, wake boarding, etc.) ***
Kite Storage
Airport Transfer
Free cancellation until 48 hours after booking
Single room €15,-p.d.
Kitesurf course + rental €395,-p.w. **
Full kitesurf set rental €279,- p.w. **
Trick clinic €25,- per 30 min. **
Kitesurf course €99,- (3h) **
Extra night + breakfast €35,- p.n. **
Extra activities on locations (trips, parties, ..) **

* These items aren’t included in your booking and can be optionally added to your booking. You can do this by mention it during your booking process in the note field or by using our contact form.

** These optional items can also be arranged on location. Note that if you haven’t informed us, there is a possibility that it’s not possible in busy weeks. Yet, please inform us well in time. You can do this by mentioning it during your booking in the note field or by using our contact form.

*** Some activities require an extra fee, the instructor will inform you about additional cost for activities.

Additional information

PackagesB1 – KiteActive week full, Kite rental with supervision, no package, trick/waveclinic

Punta trettu (Punta Stretta) is an ideal place for kite surfing practice on the south-west coast of Sardinia. The kite spot is located in the San Giovanni Sergiu, in a suburb of Matt Zaccara right across the peninsula Sant’Antioco.

Yet the kitespot still has to make a name for themselves, it is certainly one of the best places to kitesurf in Sardinia, in Italy and perhaps in Europe.

The kite spot of Punta Trettu is indeed very appreciated for its ideal characteristics of flat water and pretty swell, those special features make it the perfect place not only to learn kitesurfing, but also to practice the freestyle kitesurfing. The large space in the bay can host a large number of kiters in complete safety.

The shape of the place itself makes it a very safe place in all wind conditions and directions as well. In fact, the stretch of beach that stretches along the bay always gives “to rely on a coastal” the certainty of which direction the wind is blowing from.
The wind blows constantly and directly along the bay year-round, it goes into the channel, boosting its own intensity, and it is always constant and direct, but never gusty which direction it blows out.

Northwest wind (Maestrale / Mistral) predominates in the spring and summer strong and firm entering into the bay of Punta Trettu. Thanks to the thermal wind, which is produced by the particular morphology of this area and through the pine forest at the back of the bay itself, the northwest wind, either in clear or modest cloudy weather, blowing in 5 or even 10 knots stronger than usual Windguru and forecasts Windfinder programs.
The Scirocco wind (south-east) transports itself perfectly from the opposite direction, along the canal of Sant’Antioco and introducing clear in the bay, take advantage of the thermal wind itself.
The eastern wind (Levante) and is clearly in the bay and Punta Trettu is perhaps the only place in the south-west coast which works very well with the Levante and all the winds come from the East.
West (Ponente) and the South-West (Libeccio) winds also work very well from spring to autumn.
North wind (Tramontana) blowing very strong and cold in the bay during the winter season (sometimes even more than 50 knots)


The complex consists of six apartments, surrounded by a beautiful garden with large pool. Between the palm trees, olive and fruit trees. It is an ideal place for a relaxed holiday mixed with sport and nature.

All apartments have one or two bedrooms, a living room with kitchen and sofa bed, bathroom with shower and veranda.

The following services are available at the facility:

  • swimming pool with Jacuzzi
  • internet WiFi
  • Barbecue
  • Parking
  • NEW Private kitespot 700m
  • Storage for kitesurf equipment
  • Washing area for kitesurfing equipment
  • Fruits, vegetables, fresh fish (on request)
  • Mountain bike rental (on request)
  • Equipment for snorkeling (on request)
  • Babysitting service (on request)
  • Dogs allowed (on request)

Besides kitesurfing and downwinders there is plenty activities to do in Sardinia! If there is no wind, our instructors always organize some no-wind activities which you can participate on a voluntary basis.


  • Surfing / suppen
  • explore island by quad / scooter / car
  • Visit one of the beautiful cities
  • Visit the caves
  • Snorkeling / Diving
  • Night

The date that I want to book isn’t available?
This is not a problem, send us an email (info@kiteactive.com) stating the dates when you want and we will make a customized offer!
What does the group look like?
The group size is mostly between 7 and 13 people and one or two instructors who accompany the group and take care of lessons. The groups consist of both male and female; 16 to 50 years old; equal beginners as novice kitesurfers.
What is unique about this kite spot / place?
Good wind, beautiful flat water good for practicing your water start or to practice amazing new tricks. The temperature in the summer is good enough to go kitesurfing in your board shorts. Moreover you will find it a beautiful scenery and you could enjoy various other kite spots in the neighborhood.
My Italian isn’t that good, how do I communicate with locals?
Everyone speaks English generally well.
Is everything in a group?
Our instructors are very flexible. They often put day-to-day planning, but you can also draw your own plans.
What about privacy?
We have shared rooms and single or double rooms available.
Can you pay with euros?
How much does a beer or an average meal when I go out to eat?
Beer costs around one euro and an average meal around € 10 for a main course.

For more questions and answers check our general FAQ

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For beginners


Suitable for those who have never kitesurfed before, or those who have taken a course but still do not go out by themselves.

Comes with 1 week KiteActive course (minimum of 9 hours of lessons)  + supervised rental * **

* If you stay longer it is possible to rent material, please provide in the booking notes you are interested in rental or contact us for the possibilities.

** If the lessons aren’t finished we will refund the missing hours or you can claim these hours on a next holiday with KiteActive.

If you already know how to kitesurf, have your own equipment and just want a nice place to stay, Basic is for you!