For years, kite surfers looking for destinations that combine the mythical characteristics – strong reliable winds, pristine sandy beaches with rolling waves and lots of space on the water. Have you ever even dreamed of such a place? Then you have just found the location that can make real your dream!

When you go with our Mega DownWinder, let the crowded beaches and mass tourism behind us. You’ll discover new kitesurf spots, coached by our pro kitesurfers who come here for years. And because life is one big trip, why not travel in style? What better way to travel than with your kite? That’s right, once we start our journey to kitesurf paradise, let the 4×4 truck driving on the beach as you follow the wind! During the Kite Safari we will bring you past all the hidden lagoons and undiscovered places with destination Surfers Paradise and in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Jericoacoara.

Get in touch with us and get ready for the ride of your life. The wind is ready and the waves are rolling!

DOWNWINDER WEEK 1 | 4 till 10 nov | from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara 300 km / Cumbuco – Taiba – Paracuru – Lagoinha – Flecheiras – Baleia – Icarai de Amontada – Ilha de Guajiru –  Jericoacoara
DOWNWINDER WEEK 2 | 11 till 17 nov | from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara 300 km / Cumbuco – Taiba – Paracuru – Lagoinha – Flecheiras – Baleia – Icarai de Amontada – Ilha de Guajiru –  Jericoacoara
DOWNWINDER WEEK 3 | 18 till 25 nov | from Jericoacoara to Atins 350 km / Jericoacoara – Tatajuba – Camocim – Maceio – Barra Grande – Parnaiba Delta – Tutoia – Atins

Arrival / pickup location Fortaleza / Cumbuco
Included Accommodation at pousadas on the go
Kite Safari along all kitespots
4 × 4 truck incl. Driver, fuel and luggage transport for more than 500 km
Professional tour guide and enthusiastic instructor (s) on the spots
Trick & Wave clinics from Pro -kiters
Full jeep & boat support
7 years of experience
Guaranteed an unforgettable adventure!
Not included / Optional *
Airport Transfer Fortaleza € 40,- p.p. **
Full kitesurf set rental € 279,- p.w. **
Trick clinic €25,- per 30 min. **
Extra night + breakfast €35,- p.n. **
Extra activities on location **

* These items aren’t included in your booking and can be optionally added to your booking. You can do this by mention it during your booking process in the note field or by using our contact form.

** These optional items can also be arranged on location. Note that if you haven’t informed us, there is a possibility that it’s not possible in busy weeks. Yet, please inform us well in time. You can do this by mentioning it during your booking in the note field or by using our contact form.

During the safari you visit the coolest places in Brazil for kitesurfing. Each safari will be different as too much beautiful places exist to kitesurf during the safari. With the 4 × 4 it is possible to reach the most beautiful places. Yet, these are some kite spots you most likely will discover during safari:


Day 1

Arrival in our guesthouse in Cumbuco. If you want you can kite surfing for our pousada and get ready for the safari which starts the following day. Do you have an airport pick up necessary Fortaleza? Let us know your flight!


Day 2 (55 km)

Departure from Cumbuco to Paracuru with a stopover in Taiba (to discover a magnificent lagoon). Paracuru is a super nice location , clear water , flat and after 200 m perfect waves. Every wave rider has to have visit this spot, a true wave paradise! (Stay will be in Paracuru)

Day 3

From Paracuru we drive to Lagoinha, here we pass some lagoons on our way to Flecheiras. (Stay will be in Flecheiras)


Day 4

From Flecheiras we continue to Mundau a wonderful river mouth with mirror flat water! After that we travel to Baleia also our final destination of this day. A brilliant place that’s all ours! In Baleia we sleep in a traditional log cabin on the beach with a beautiful sky over our campfire.


Day 5

From Baleia we continue to Icarai de Amontada here we stay


Day 6

From Icarai de Amontada we drive with our jeep(s) to Almofalla and from here we surf through lagoons and mangroves to the flat water sea Ilha de Guajiru where we will spend the night in a lovely pousada on the spot.


Day 7

From Ilha de Guajiru we ride upwind to Prea. From here we pump the kites and ride within you along the famous rock, bay of Jericoacoara where we will end the day on the highest dune where you can watch the sun set into the sea – as the only place in the whole of Brazil. In the evening we enjoy campfires and Caipirinha cocktail at the street and we will sleep in a nice hotel.


Day 8

After waking up in Jericoacara we come to realize that this is already the last day! We get up early and make a brilliant downwinder in the direction of Tatajuba. On the way we pass Guajiru, a beautiful river mouth where we cross the river with our jeep on rafts. Along the way there are all nice, steady waves. Perfect kickers! At about 15:00 we pack all our stuff in the jeep and drive us back to Cumbuco where we will arrive around 22:00. Here you will stay your last night at our guesthouse. If you want to stay longer please contact us for the possibilities.

Because we do different locations on each pousada will be different. But once it’s time for peace, we ensure that there is a good bed for you is ready and the next morning a delicious breakfast! Most Brazilian pousadas are kitesurfers for kitesurfers! Below is a list of accommodations that we’ll probably sleep!


Day 1

Paracuru j3872x2592-00444 

Day 2

Flecheiras la;unga

Day 3


Day 4

Iicaraizinho de Amontada

Day 5

Ilha de Guajiru> pura-vida-club

There are several activities, you visit the best spots for kite surfers in the world. Hence kitesurfing one of the main activities will be. But besides kitesurfing you’ll be in the very typical village Jericoacoara which belongs to one of the world famous beaches.

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For Brazil are no vaccinations mandatory. Regardless of length of stay recommended the following vaccinations for Brazil: vaccination against DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) vaccination against hepatitis A (infectious jaundice). It is also recommended for Brazil yellow fever vaccination, except in a large area adjacent to the East Coast, see yellow fever map South America.

Tip: Make an early appointment at the local health department or family doctor (some vaccinations have to work they need a week). Any additional information can be found at


Our groups can vary from young to old, and are often well balanced with both men and women. Usually, the group consists of the ages between 20 and 45 years, with exceptions of course. We teach beginners and give tips to advanced kite surfers so you can expect from us any level. We often offer group activities where you, feel free to do it. It can make some trips that you share a large room with other Kite Active guests but this is indicated. Often you can with us in advance already see through our Facebook Events which persons will be present at the trip.

Je vliegt op de vluchthaven Fortaleza. Je kunt het beste een vlucht zoeken die bij jou past via Op het vliegveld wordt je opgehaald door ons team ter plaatse mits je jou vluchttijden goed hebt doorgegeven.

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May 24, 2017

” In de zomer van 2013 ben ik met KiteActive naar Kos geweest. Ik wilde iets nieuws, moeilijks en spannends leren en kwam via via uit bij een week kite vakantie via Kiteactive. Ik heb een top week gehad op Kos. Niet alleen heb ik goede kitelessen gehad van Felix, het was vooral ook erg gezellig op het water (de spierpijn werd vooral veroorzaakt door het lachen!). Kiteactive is echter veel meer dan kiten. De wind op Kos gaat meestal in de loop van de middag aan, waardoor je vanag een uurtje of twee/drie het water op kunt tot de zon onder gaat (en geloof me dat is lang genoeg!!). In de ochtenden hebben we met de gezellige groep het eiland verkend op onze quads. We hebben vele mooie tochtjes gemaakt en leuke restaurantjes voor de lunch ontdekt of even lekker aan een strandje gerelaxed. S’avonds gingen we gezellig eten in een van de restaurantjes en dronken we steevast cocktails om de behaalde voortgang van die dag te vieren. Kortom een top vakantie waarbij zon, zee, lachen, kiten, gezellige mede-kiters en leuke no-wind activiteiten de steekwoorden zijn. Ik ben verslaafd geworden aan het kiten en sinds Kos ook met Kiteactive meegeweest naar Terschelling (super gezellig en dichtbij huis!), Zanzibar (kiten in paradijs) en Egypte (Hard lachen en elke dag wind). Elke keer weer een top vakantie met een leuke groep! Ik zit nu al weer te kijken of ik voor Brazilie vrij kan krijgen! Dat het elke keer weer top is, is mijns inziens te danken aan de Kiteactive reisleiding. Naast dat hun enthousiasme voor kiten aanstekelijk werkt, zijn ze enorm gastvrij, sociaal en service-gericht; alles is goed geregeld op de locaties en zij zorgen altijd voor een hele relaxte en gezellige sfeer in de groep! Tot snel op één van de Kiteactive locaties! Linda “

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