Kitesurf Lessons, Clinics & Training


Would you like to learn kitesurfing? Is buying a kite still uncertain? Don’t want to bring all gear with you on a plane? or do you want to improve your skill? Choose your package and make your vacation KiteActive!

Our Course package


Kitesurfing is something that you don’t fully learn and experience in 3 hours. Usually after a course you’ve know it is a great sport but you’ve spent too few hours on the water  to get it completely mastered. Normally after 10 hours of expensive kitesurfing lessons, you would think why didn’t I go on a nice kitesurfing holiday with fellow kitesurfers booked at KiteActive, with us you will be as much as possible learning to kitesurf. Hereby you will make huge steps and also have a fun time!

What’s possible

During all our camps, it is possible to do intensive Kite Active Training, Classes, pro clinics or rental with supervision. Below is a list of packages and prices you can add to your holiday. It is also possible to book this at your destinations, but then you have the risk that it is no longer available or fully booked. If you are still not sure please inform us in front about your extras.