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Get kitesurf lessons in the most beautiful places on earth!

Is a purchase of a kite set for you not realistic yet? Or do you simply have no need/comfort in taking the heavy equipment on the plane? Rentals are available at KiteActive! Are you someone that prefers a helping hand by kitesurfing? Or do you prefer doing your own thing but fancy some supervising? Lessons for everyone’s needs are available at KiteActive.

Everyone knows you learn kitesurfing quicker by doing it daily. What is better than a cool kitesurf holiday? Kitesurfing is not something you learn only in 3 hours. Sometimes, even after 10 hours of expensive kite lessons, you are still not completely sure about how to manage the real kitesurfing. You are thinking to yourself: “Why didn’t I do a kitesurf-holiday at KiteActive in the first place?”. With us you will stand as much as possible on the water and you will make huge steps in your kitesurfing skills. On top of that, you will experience lots of fun!

With all our travels it is possible to book: Lessons, Pro-clinics and rentals (with supervising). Here(hyperlink) you can find an overview of all our packages and prices. As well, it is possible to book this on location. However, you may risk a chance that there will not be enough coaches or that the lessons are booked out.

Upgrade your holiday with a matching package and make your holiday KiteActive!

Need help? Ask our KiteActive Staff for advice!

Lessons, clinics or rentals you can add simply to your booking in our online booking system. As well, it is possible to arrange this on location. However, on location a chance exists that it might be booked out. Book packages is also possible by contacting KiteActive prior your departure.

If you have special needs or wishes, you could contact us for a customized offer

Week Kitesurf Course (9H lesson + Gear rental) € 395
Full Beginner Course (9H) € 290
Pro Trick-Clinic photos incl. (30 Min) € 35
Kitesurf rental complete set (1 day) € 70
Kitesurf rental complete set (1 week € 290
Kitesurf rental complete set (2 weeks) € 450
Refresh course gear incl. (2H) € 110
Private lesson (1H) € 70
Board rental (1 week) € 100

Unfortunately, nobody can control the wind, although this is the charm of our sport. Whatever wind secure a destination may be, it is always possible that the wind will not blow during your holiday for a couple of days. Luckily, our instructors organize no-wind activities for you. But you may think: “I actually came for a week of kitesurfing and find it a pity that I cannot use my lesson package I paid for”. For this situations we have a NO-WIND POINT SYSTEM. This system is applied to all destinations and all packages (Except Kite Rental)! Immediately after your holiday, you can contact us to check your total points which means your total balance of hours you missed out on surfing.

Every missed kitesurf lesson hour equals a balance of €35
Every missed Trick-clinic/wave-clinic hour equals a balance of € 50
Total missed hours calculated together is your KiteActive balance.
For example: You booked a package of 9 hours and you were only able to follow 6 hours of lessons due to bad wind-conditions, then 3 hours of your balance will be 3 X € 35 = € 105

Your balance of hours is registered by our instructors on location. On the end of your holiday you can ask for your balance and we will confirm it, what will result in you using it for various options. The balance can be used in the following ways:
– You can buy something for your future kite career in our webshop!
– You can exchange your hours by our kite school in The Netherlands (Friesland)
– You can exchange your hours on one of our other destinations for your next trip. (this can be a discount, catch up hours or discount on a different package)
– You can exchange your hours in a voucher and make someone else happy with it.

Almost all our trips are included with coaching. Do you want to become better in kitesurfing? Then you definitely want to meet and use our instructors and coaches who guide our trips. Do you want some more focus and help to learn that one cool trick? Or do you want to be cool on pictures? Book our trick or wave clinic and you will make guaranteed progression in your kite skills!

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