‘The contact’

For me kite surfing started in 2007, after years of kite flying on land I now wanted to chase my friends on the water.
In 2009 I started my training as an NKV instructor in order to be able to transfer my passion of kite surfing and the life around it to as many other people as possible.

Where kitesurfing for me started on a normal twintip board and I was always busy jumping as high as possible and hanging in the air for as long as possible, I am now completely addicted to my skimboard.
Strapless riding was not only a new challenge because the tricks are more difficult because you are not tied to your board, but I was also able to get out on the water with much less wind and people on a twintip board had trouble keeping their height.

Kitesurfing is a sport that you can really do in almost all of the world when the wind is blowing, kitesurfing has ensured in my life that I have already visited many beautiful places in the world.
I hope that together with the rest of the kiteactive team I can ensure that you will experience the same and that we will eventually meet each other a lot at the most beautiful spots with the best wind and most beautiful beaches.

in een notendop

Nickname: The contact
Date of birth: 08/25/1990
Nationality: NL
Homespot: De Lemmer, Workum
Kite since: 2007
Teaching since: 2010
Coolest trick: Jesus Walk
Favorite KiteActive location: Zanzibar!

Favorite destination
Karibu zanzibar