felix maks
‘t seuntje’

In 2005 my kite adventure started at Workum, after a kite lesson with friends I was addicted. As soon as I saw the leaves moving on the trees, everything moved to the side and I had to get on the water immediately. I learned my first tricks at my home spot De Lemmer. After a winter training in Brazil with friends in 2009, I went along several European kite tours with good results and the national events here in the Netherlands were always very nice! Traveling, kiting and teaching are my three passions in life and I am happy to turn my passions into my job. Since 2012 I have been giving kite lessons at various locations around the world with great pleasure! Now that I have completed my training at Hotel School, I am ready to make your KiteActive holiday a legendary success!

favorite destination
dutch islands


Nickname: ‘t seuntje
Date of birth: 13-04-1991
Homespot: de Lemmer & Workum (NL)
Kite since: 1 May 2005
Teach since: 2007
Favorite trick: Double heart attack
Favorite discipline: Freestyle
Kite brands: Naish & Prolimit

favorite Destination
sail & kitesurf dutch islands