Want to go on an active holiday with your colleagues, students association, friends etc. but you don’t want to have the trouble of arrange everything (accommodation, activities,  planning, flights)? We might have the solution for you …

What is possible?

We have a number of permanent accommodation throughout the year on the best places in the world to Zanzibar, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, etc. Most of these accommodations are very suitable for groups of 8 to 20 people. With all our holidays for groups it’s possible to have one or multiple KiteActive instructor(s) / supervisor(s) to provide kitesurf lessons or arrange other activities with your group.


  • You always get a competitive quote.
  • Possibility to stay privately in one of our accommodations.
  • Our booking system can be used to ease all payments of your group members.
  • Custom packages like extra lessons, special activities, luxurious dinners

What next?

  1. View our trips to find a suitable location
  2. Let us know what destinations you have in mind, during which period, and your special requests. You can use our contact us form to get started.
  3. We will responds as soon as possible with an offer or perhaps will request for more details.

For whom?

  • friends
  • companies
  • student associations
  • schools


During one of our group holidays our instructors / supervisors arrange kitesurf lessons suited to your groups needs. More information on you kitesurf lessons can be found on this page

Alternative activities

Besides kitesurfing we arrange numerous adventures activities. Most often you see that in a group not everyone likes to go kitesurfing. Besides kitesurfing almost all of our location also are rich with plenty of other activities like mountain biking, beach trips, safaris, city tours, etc. This is of course depending on the locations, more information can be found on you trip pages.

Our experience

We have over 6 years of experience in organizing kite-surfing activities and holidays for large groups. Moreover, we started organizing trips for large groups of students on the dutch islands on clippers. This grew to many other destinations all over the world like Brazil, Zanzibar, Portugal, etc. All with a unique experience.

waddenzee (5)Popular for groups our “Sailing adventure”

Especially for a short activity we have in the Netherlands our sailing adventure along the dutch waddenzee. This is in our opinion one of the best and most active option for groups. In fact this is where KiteActive started. A combination between sailing and kite surfing, looking for the wind from island to island with a luxury clipper. Here we have been with many groups and every time it was an absolute blast.

  • The Wadden trip is suitable for groups of 10 to 35 men.
  • Can be organized from May to September.
  • Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Possibility for a weekend, long weekend, midweek or a week.
  • Very suitable for big groups like student associations or company outings.

More information about our Sailing adventure can be found on this page

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