Our special corona measures and conditions

We strongly recommend that you purchase our cancellation insurance when you book with us. This can only be added during the booking. Without this insurance, we will try to provide you with the best possible service if your booking is directly or indirectly affected by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

KiteActive offers rebooking options for all bookings with travel dates from 12.03.2020 – 31.12.2021. Rebooking must be done 7 days before departure. The client can rebook to any camp with an arrival date within 12 months of the change date. If a customer wants to rebook the trip to a different destination, the invoice will be adjusted to the sales price of the new destination.


In all cases, we recommend that you always follow these steps:

1. For refund requests, contact your private insurance company
2. Contact your airline for any problems with your tickets

Your Corona options at a glance:

  1. Free cancellation & nbsp; up to 2 months before departure, no questions asked!
  2. Take out cancellation insurance worth 10% of your travel sum and cancel your trip up to 72 hours before departure. & nbsp; Please note: & nbsp; 1. & nbsp; This only applies to the part that you book with KiteActive, not for external flights and services. 2. If the trip is canceled due to Corona, you will receive a full refund.
  3. Our trip will always go ahead & nbsp; !!!! Is it not working because of Corona and changed measures by RIVM? Then we will work with you to find another destination or another moment to continue your trip in the form of a voucher. & Nbsp; With us you will not lose your money anyway!
  4. & nbsp; Rebook to another trip or travel no later than 7 days before departure.

update (12-10-2020):

We are going to make something out of it.

That’s our bottom line. There is a lot to do about corona and travel. But the bottom line is that we will not leave you out in the cold.
Below we have described how we do that.

Current situation

After a nice summer season in Greece and a number of great Wadden festivals, we have decided to keep the autumn calm. So unfortunately no Brazil this year & nbsp; & nbsp; What we are going to focus on this winter anyway is & nbsp; Snowkiten & nbsp; in France and our lovely place in & nbsp; Zanzibar ! Be welcome in our own guesthouse and kite center on Zanzibar! Read more info about Covid-19 in Zanzibar here.

Adjustments to our program

For & nbsp; our kite trips & nbsp; we make adjustments to allow them to proceed safely. Think of procedures for sleeping and distance during lessons & amp; clinics. This has been thought through and before we leave there is a protocol according to the then applicable rules.

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choose your level

Make your kitesurf holiday complete and choose the perfect package!

meet your travel & lessons advisor felix maks

> over 15 year experience
> direct travel & lesson advice
> no callcenter, just a surf dude who can also be on the water 😉

Get kitesurfing lessons at the most beautiful locations in the world!
Is the purchase of a kite still uncertain for you? Or don’t you feel like dragging it all along on the plane? Do you like to be guided during kite surfing or do you prefer to do your own thing? You learn kitesurfing the fastest if you are involved with it every day, why not during a nice holiday? Kitesurfing is not something you learn in three hours. Even after having spent ten hours on expensive kitesurfing lessons, you have not fully mastered real kite surfing and you think: “I wish I had booked a nice kitesurfing holiday with KiteActive”. With us you are on the water so much that you make huge steps progress and also have a great time!

With all our trips it is possible to book lessons, pro-clinics and rental with supervision. Below you will find an overview of the packages and prices that you can book with your trip. It is also possible to book this on the spot, but then you run the risk that extra coaching is no longer available or is fully booked.

Kitesurf full week course

€ 399

/ 7 days

The ultimate beginner course

Intro beginner course

€ 299 / 9 hours

the complete beginner course

Refreshment Course

€ 110 / 2 hours

Do you need more tips?

Extra supervision

€ 25 / day

All eyes on you

Kite rental week

€ 299 / week

Complete set kite material

Almost all our trips include coaching. Do you want to get better? Then you will certainly benefit from our instructors and coaches who will guide you during your trip. Do you want extra attention to really learn that one trick or to get a nice picture? Then book a trick or wave clinic and make progress.

Do you not know which lesson package to book or are you just curious about what we can offer you? We are very flexible and can always offer the perfect lesson for you. Leave your number and one of our lesson advisers will call back and receive free tailor-made advice.

Unfortunately, no one can control the wind, and that’s the charm of our sport. No matter how wind-safe a destination is, it can always happen that it does not blow for a few days during your holiday. Fortunately, no-wind activities are organized by our instructors, but you actually come for a week of kite surfing and you think it is a shame if you cannot fully use your booked and paid package. Fortunately, we have a & nbsp; NO WIND & nbsp; points & nbsp; system that applies to every destination and package. & Nbsp; PLEASE NOTE : This does not apply to KiteRental!

Be smart, and email us immediately after your holiday about your credit if you have not worked enough hours!

Every hour & nbsp; kiteless equals a € 35 credit voucher
Every & nbsp; hour & nbsp; private lesson equals a € 55 voucher

EXAMPLE : & nbsp; You have booked a package of 9 hours of lessons, you can only take 6 hours of lessons due to bad wind, then there are 3 hours left that you have credit worth 3 x € 35 = € 105

Your credit is tracked and stored by our instructors on site. If you ask for your credit after your holiday, we will confirm this and you can start using it.
The credit can be redeemed in various ways.

  1. You can buy something nice for your future kite career in our & nbsp; webshop
  2. You can redeem the remaining hours at our & nbsp; kiteschool in Friesland & nbsp; (NL)
  3. You can redeem the hours on one from our other & nbsp; destinations & nbsp; during your next trip (in discount on the trip, make up hours, or discount on another package) < / li>
  4. You can redeem it in a gift voucher and make someone happy

With all our trips it is possible to book additional lessons, pro-clinics and supervised rental. Below you will find an overview of the packages and prices that you can book with your trip. It is also possible to book this on site, but then you run the risk that extra coaching is no longer available or is fully booked.

Try something new and go on a golf surfing holiday

You have kitesurfing, windsurfing and.. wave surfing! Golf surfing is something that everyone knows and dreams of from an early age. There is a huge respect for the legends who surf the biggest waves in the world in Portugal and Hawaii. In the kite scene, of course, we know legends such as Robby Naish and Jesse Richman who conquer big waves with their kite and waveboard.

During our kitesurfing holidays we often offer no wind activities such as golf surfing. Also during our downwinders in Brazil most kiters bring their wave surf board. There is nothing better than kissing for miles and controlling waves with your board on the water and your kite as a tool to be on the right wave at the right time. This is called wave-kiting and this is a huge branch within sport kitesurfing. With KiteActive we offer 2 trips that are ideal for learning wave kiting or just endless waves!

To broaden your horizons, stay physically fit and be 1 with mother nature, we can definitely recommend you to give the sport of golf surfing a chance!

A few reasons why goflsurfing might be for you!

  • For wave surfing you don't need wind but golf. This is the reason that you can often do cool trips closer to home with a great certainty that you will still get your hours on the water as opposed to kitesurfing where you are always dependent on the wind.
  • Furthermore, you need a lot less material, only a board that is suitable for your level, weight, height and you can go on the water!
  • You are ACTIVE! Something that we as KiteActive of course love. With wave surfing you train a lot of muscles. You have to paddle hard to be in the right place at the right time.  But once you're on the perfect wave, the feeling is magical! You will underestimate it but sometimes it is still quite a challenge to paddle through the surf. But one thing is for sure, you have a wonderfully satisfied feeling to a day active outdoors!
  • While you are active, you also relax. Waiting for the perfect wave, it sounds boring but nothing could be more true! It is very nice to wait together for the right wave. You will also completely relax after your active effort and go for the very best wave! If you can do this, the ecstasy will be huge!
  • Another advantage is that with wave surfing you already achieve success compared to kitesurfing. After a few hours you can already catch small waves while kitesurfing takes at least 9 hours to make your first meters
  • For both sports money that it is much more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle! So you meet cool people, you tailor your agenda to the conditions and you plan your holiday to your favorite surfing destination!

Our friends at SurfaWhile

Would you like to go on a golf surfing vacation? Check out our partner SurfaWhile's offer, with some great golf surfing holidays.

Are you looking for a Wave kite holiday?

Take a look at our upcoming trips

Are you looking for the right wave kite material?

Then we advise you the material of Naish kiteboarding and Appletree surfboards. These have been making the best material for years! Contact us for a good deal!

Diary during the Downwinder XXL in Brazil

Dia uno – Cumbuco – Paracuru:

Departure from Casa jangada around 10 am is a fact! The great adventure is going off. In the morning at 9:00 am all 16 participants and 5 instructors/ drivers are briefed on today! With a first stop at cauipe lagoon to vent the tires and hand out the first sips of water.

From Cauipe the 4×4's are allowed on the beach and we can see all the arts of the participants! Next stop "the pier" where we go under on foot.

After a material change for a few and one-year under the belt, the rabble continues.

In the bay the first river estuary crossing with the 4×4 and then eat the pre-ordered pizzas overlooking the Lagoon of Taiba.

From Taiba, Roderick packed his kite stuff and was allowed to act as a broom wagon. With an abundance of sea turtles on the way and a somewhat hectic end due to the passing of 3 participants safely arrived at Paracuru where we spend the night in hotel dunas de paracuru.

Dia dos – Paracuru – Flecheiras:

The bullet is through the church day 1 is a fact and after a bit of carting and a group photo at the vantage point the group has gone back on the water! In the morning a short part of about 5 km after which we arrived at

Dia tres – Flecheiras – Baleia:

After an evening with enough caiprinhas and the hits of DJ jerk (bob) the group starts with healthy brackish reluctance to the village of Mundau where lunch will be provided with fried chicken from which KFC can learn something. In the afternoon the jeeps have to do a river crossing to continue where they drive past a vantage point where of course a photo is taken! It is now a bit higher water and the waves have been able to build up nicely! Toine takes the wheel of the 4×4 so roderick and I can control these amazing waves. Due to the high tide, the cars have to conquer a bit of interior so that the downwind group is on their own for a while. As if the gods are playing with it, things go wrong here and we can send Lex's kite to our dear lord after a breaking wave and a nice walking tour.

In the evening there is a delicious cup of coffee lobster with rice and a chocolate waiting

Dia Quattro – Baleia – Icarai de Amontada:

After a long brackish day yesterday, everyone is looking forward to it again after a hearty breakfast! Everyone goes to sail smaller kites and with a lot of kilometers ahead we start in front of the pousada to first deliver Lex's kite to his deserved funeral in the cemetery we are just passing. We end the day in a french windsurfing village where we have lunch and in the afternoon we sail a package back and forth or for some huge chilling

Dia Sinquo as Icarai de Amontada as Ilha De Guajiru

Something magical is going to happen here. Walking 25 meters inland where a huge mangrove forest arises where of course these beechers went to take a look and then follow the strolls of the mangroves to our tent camp with our Belgian host and a BBQ with delicious red snappers waiting for us evening huff has our always reliable the bright idea to make a block with the jeeps and then get lost where Felix to the rescue came into view!

Dia Seize – Ilha de Guajiru – Jericoacoara

we started the day with a hearty breakfast where everyone has to fill up the trip to Jericoacoara. Starting between the huge windmills and with judging water arrive at a famous lunch place where you can have a delicious lunch. After lunch, the chasseurs found it necessary to secure two jeeps in a river crossing where Felix gave up some years of his life in terms of stress level. Another small stop to put everyone on edge for the curve of jeri's sand dunes and the end begins to get in sight. Another small rescue under road and a group photo on the sand dune and cocktails can be towed. After a legendary evening in Jeri, the beaks only go late

Dia Seche as Jericoacoara as Tatajuba

It's best to experience them. Rob and Remo stayed behind to do a windsurfing session and the rest of the group went for a fat session at 35 knots plus to make the final stretch to tatajuba's unfortunately empty lagoon

Become a kitesurf professional

"Turning your hobby into your work" of course sounds like music to your ears. And what hobby could that be in this case? Kitesurfing of course! Can you think of a better way to make money than kitesurfing? Exactly, and that's why we have written a basic plan for you that you can do to become a real kitesurf pro as soon as possible.

Step 1: Work a lot of hours.

To get really good is the simplest way, of course, to do it a lot. There is a rule that says that you need 10,000 hours in sports to be able to do this sport professionally. Count that out in days, then you will soon find out that even in winter you just have to train by.

Step 2: Find a slightly better training buddy.

If you really want to be a pro, you're going to have to get everything out of it.

In kitesurfing, this can often mean that you have to do something that can be quite exciting for the first time. Therefore, it can be of great value to have a kiter as motivated as yourself as a training buddy. So that you can motivate each other and above all challenge each other to bring out the best in each other.

For example, I once overcame my kite-walking fear by not being allowed off the water before I had pulled a thick barrel.

Step 3: Find (holiday) work where you can combine kiting well.

Of course you can also earn your money from kitesurfing if you are not yet a pro. The big advantage of this is that you already have a lot to do with kiting. Think, for example, of a job at a kitesurfing school. This way you can learn a lot from the sport and maybe even borrow stuff.

Step 4: Make sure you have a well-groomed and as large social media platform as possible.

To get the attention of brands that may want to sponsor you, it is always good to be active on social media.

This makes it even more attractive for brands to possibly start sponsoring you.

Step 5: Getting a sponsor.

Kitesurfing is certainly not a cheap sport. That's why it's not for everyone. In order to always be able to participate in the ever-innovative market of kitesurfing material, it is a very nice side effect to be sponsored.

But how do you get a sponsor? Of course, you have to have enough talent to be sponsored. But a sponsor in not always just looking for talent. Brands want brand awareness, which is why a good ambassador sometimes speaks much more to the brand than the best talent.

So if you might get a sponsor, be economical with this and try to radiate as much brand rock as possible.

Step 6: Try to become a team rider somewhere.

In order to become the best kitesurfer possible, it is important that you train a lot and in as many places as possible. As a team knight, you often get this opportunity.

For example, look at team riders from major kitesurf brands. They often go around the world with other pros.

You can also become a team rider at KiteActive. Because the organization travels to many different places, there are opportunities to travel as a team rider and thus take up a lot of training.

Step 7: Enter as many competitions as possible.

When it feels good to start betting times, it is best to do so as soon as possible. Kiting a betting time is a lot different than a normal kite session.

You also want to play yourself in the spotlight, possibly for a sponsor or possibly just to get more in the picture.  

We hope that our tips will ensure that you achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a kitesurf pro. If you want more tips or maybe even want to become a kiteactive teamrider. Please contact us!

6 Kitesurf travel tips!

After all that long wait, it's finally time you go ON HOLIDAY! Time to start worrying about packing and traveling with your kitesurfing equipment. As real kiters we are of course known as top planners, and you will certainly still have enough time to pack all your luggage. However, for the few of us we have listed a number of kitesurfing travel tips. So that if you do have a mild or heavy form of holiday stress, these tips might relieve the stress a little.

TIP 1: Compare flight prices with your kitesurfing gear included.

Flying with all your kitesurfing gear can be a financial setback. When booking a flight ticket, it may therefore be the case that a slightly more expensive ticket will end up being cheaper with your kitesurfi
ng gear. Between us, you have heard of the clever trick of luggage as golf bag check-in at KLM. Of course, you haven't heard this from us 😛

TIP 2: Kitesurf bag as hand luggage.

You may have noticed at the airport that some people do have a kite with them in a very special place. Of course, that's not because they plan to go kiting between the planes for a day. Sometimes it's a bit of a puzzle with the kilos to get everything on holid
ay. That's why it can be a godsend to bring a kite in a kite bag as hand luggage, or even two kites.

TIP 3: Rent kitesurfing gear instead of taking it with you.

Of course, kiting with your own material is the most important thing. However, it is worth thinking about whether this is also the best solution. "What are the advantages of renting equipment?" make yourself a sometimes where you start calculating the difference in price between renting and bringing your own stuff. You'll find out this doesn't make much difference at all. Not at all if you count the effort to drag everything al
ong. In addition, renting has the great advantage that you have access to many types of
kites and boards. If you choose to rent items, we still advise you to bring your own trapeze. Simply because you can easily take it with you, and this one is the best with you.

TIP 4: Do not buy a boardbag that is too small.

Of course, having to buy a boardbag is always a very positive thing. "Why?" because this means you're going on a trip! When buying a boardbag, it is useful to take into account a number of things. Don't
buy a boardbag that's too small. Of course it is nice to be able to take everything compact and small. For example, you may have found the perfect boardbag for your 2 kites and board where everything fits exactly. Just now yo
u're already hearing what the problem is going to be. If it fits exactly, nothing will fit. If you ever expand your kite set, you are also obliged to buy a new boardbag. Even the largest boardbags can be made super small nowadays.

TIP 5: Share your luggage with someone else.

For people who not only travel, but go out with multiple kiters. Can it be a godsend to share your suitcases like real kitebuddys. B
y this we mean that one person checks in a normal suitcase and the other a boardbag. This may save on costs with flying. And otherwise this saves in purchasing an extra boardbag.

TIP 6: Protecting your kitesurfing gear.

I don't think I need to convince anyone that it's a less fun experience for a suitcase to travel compared to our own travel experience. It is therefore not strange to prepare your suitcase /boardbag as well as possible for the hellish journey that awaits
him. A good donkey bridge in this is never hard which is meant by this alternate hard objects such as boards or a foil with soft parts such as clothes or towel
s. So the idea is to create layers, so that in case of hard blows things cannot break down or tear in. Strapless surfboards in particular should be in a silky bed, on their way to their dream final dest
ination. It is also an idea to create layers through the use of kites, be careful only that no sharp parts can get along the kites (such as fins, or parts of a foil).

How do I maintain my kitegear?

We often get the questions about how to maintain my kite the best. One of the questions is whether the kite should be rinsed after use in salt water.

In order to immediately distinguish between salt and fresh water, it is important to know what happens with both.

Salt water will conserve after some time, so it will not mold. Fresh water, on the other hand, will mold, this is also called getting back in. From this you can therefore conclude that it is better to leave your kite with salt than fresh water in the kite bag.

Example : You went kiting on the North Sea. After kiting you let your kite dry on the beach, then you go home. At home, you think it’s a good idea to rinse your kite and let it dry for a while. Because you are going out for dinner that night, you do not store your kite completely dry again.

You feel you have now maintained your kite well, but in theory it could be that your kite now gets a week wet to completely cover itself with mold. Now this will be fine with just a week, but you can understand that if you clean up your kite you will never be completely sure when you will get it again.


To properly maintain your kite, it is very important that you put it away dry. This will ensure that your kite can never get moldy. If it is the case that you cannot put your kite away dry, it is less harmful with salt water than fresh water.

If you do put the kite away wet, make sure that you do not close the kite bag completely. It would be even better that you explain the kite so that it can dry calmly.

If you have any other questions or even tips for us, please contact .




our fight for a better planet
we want to kitesurf on a green planet and a blue ocean

Traveling and discovering our beautiful planet is something that cannot be expressed in terms of value. We do, however, make use of our planet and we want there to be something to discover for our future. Because admit it, kitesurfing is much nicer on a green planet in a blue ocean, isn’t it?