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My name is Furaha but many people including friends, parent relatives call me ”Happy”. It’s okay for me because it’s the same name and same meanings. I am 22 years, Tanzanian citizen, I am charming, helpfully, honest, kind and respectfully girl.

I am working at the KiteActive Guesthouse in Zanzibar as hostess / reception and I like watching movies, swimming, listening and dancing music I dislike laziness and gossips.

I have a certificate of tourism and hospitality, I also have incredible smile last year I awarded the best smile of the hotel u will be amazed 😉

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Naam: Furaha
Geboortedatum: 22 years
Nationaliteit: NL
Homespot: Paje, Zanzibar
In Guesthouse: Since 2018
Coolest trick: My smile

Wedstrijd Resultaten:
#I like the Jambo parties on friday#
# I believe in God
# I like people

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